Monday, December 13, 2010

Slighest of hope keeps me going!

I lose! 
something morbid occurs to me,

But even after losing,
I wanna win.
I wanna live,
I wake up afresh,
with a new ray of hope,
a hope to win, someday!

All we need is a flicker of light... and this is how life goes on!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why do people steal?

I wonder.. 

Yesterday, my friend's cell got stolen and she filled in buckets of tears. It is obvious, after all we are so attached, or rather addicted to our cell phones. It is not only about cellphones, we are attached to the every little thing we use in our daily lives!
Mr. thief, I am sure you gonna be getting your punishment, and someday you'll be losing something as precious as you stole today! Because, In life we always get back that we have done in past!

Please, please , please.. If anyone who steals happens to read my blog, Stop stealing, at once. You feel happy by stealing one day, but the problems that follow in the coming time are too big for people to handle.

Do good, things will always fall in place for you!
And please don't steal. Ever. 
Here, I can think of the Bournville's tagline-"You earn it"! 
Earn and spend,always, and you'll enjoy that pleasure of spending , IF YOU ARE A *REAL* GENTLEMAN OR A GENTLEWOMAN.

Friday, November 12, 2010

My message to the feelingless people!

Have you ever come across a not-so-close, but a decent friend who came up to you and say, " I don't wanna be friends with you anymore!"

If you can connect to what I'm trying to say, or ever came across such a moment- You ought to understand what I'm trying to say. But to rest, A message- Please don't walk upto a person and say, you cant be friends anymore, ever! It hurts, somewhere.. even though the person is not that important to you!  It might be possible , the person you said believes that she is very nice friend to you! She might have never done anything wrong to you, or even thought a word bad for you!

Respect feelings, or Your feelings are never gonna be respected!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Story of my Driving License


Lately I am very -very happy because I could "win" my driving license. Seriously, It was an extremely bad experience. These people rejected my application twice, and I thought I would never be able to get it. But thankfully, that uncle.. who took some money(as fees) but got me through it, and today I am a proud owner of it. I did insane things after receiving that.. I clicked pictures(Being a girl; plus i got something I badly desired).  So Today, I am a proud owner of My driving license and it feels awesome *raised collar*!

P.S.- Though I've crashed my car once long ago!! *hahaha* 

Friday, September 24, 2010

The saga of "WORDS".

Words are all I have to take your heart away....
Raise your hands up in the air,
If words, ever took away your heart! 

I wish,
I could be dumb,
I wouldn't have broken a single heart,
I would have never been misunderstood.. 

Right from the Raghuvansha's Empire, An adage was formed-
"praan jaaye par vachan naa jaaye"
(I may die, but will never disobey my words)
It has meandered its meaning, and we know that. 

I wish,
my silence could make people understand,
my actions could pour out my transparent feelings,
my words wouldn't have been misunderstood.

Oh, words fail to display purest of emotions,
Yes, words are deceptive,
And words could never take anyone's heart away,
Oh *in agony*, words are fake! 

P.S.- This poem is dedicated to all, whose words have been misunderstood so far..Just to support my view, Actions speak louder than words!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Meenakshi !!!

A few years ago,
when you became my "first" best friend,
Like a support stick, You were
with me in my thick and thins.
You've always been here, close to me.
We grew together,
distance never hindered our relationship,
You are one of your own kind,
I can never forget your voice,

Your flawless glow,
Your patiently hearing sessions,
Your mindfulness,
Your pure heart,
I am proud to be your friend,
and I feel awesome, when you are around!

Meenakshi, On your birthday,
I miss you, 
Its being years.. we havn't met..
and I don't even remember when was the last ,we 
celebrated your birthday together!

May you continue to shine,
May the brilliance of the Lord persist to guide your way,
May all your dreams come true!
You are extremely special to me! 
I love you, for what you are... 

*friends forever*


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A ladder to success

I see your eyes, drenched in pride..
They say, pride is one of the seven sins.. 
In your dreams, the space you created.. 

Oh buddy, keep your calm,
And stay confident..
Over-confidence leads one nowhere..

I know you can do it,
and achieve the highest of your goals,
Oh buddy.. Don't lose your patience!
As they say, Patience is the key to success.

One day, when you achieve the highest of all you dreamt,
Don't forget the people on your way!
Especially me, for I wrote this for you- 
I'm sure, I'll be able to see, once again your eyes drenched in pride! 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A voice against Caste System

There is a guy I know, he is an electrician. Whenever something goes wrong at our place with electrical appliances or switches or anything like that, He comes to our place at once, and do the work very sincerely.

The only problem with this guy is, he is of a lower class (but how does that matter), and everyone out castes him everywhere. He is not being treated fairly and sometimes like an untouchable( I, being an eye-witness), I know that , and that too by the people I know, Nobody notices this. I do! My course (English H) carves a way for me to observe this sheer/bloody caste system that still prevails in our society. I am outraged every time I see something like this.

So often, we say.. We live in "the" 21st century,Our country has acquired all the success and power, and also brought in every kind of western culture *in pride*. Yet, this caste-system that prevails, abhors me, despite of all kinds of advancements our nation has made. 

I am strictly against this, and wish to change the way people think and categorize people as of upper- caste and lower- caste!

Dear readers, If something like this is what you feel for, Please understand .. We are all, gifts of god. and within each of us lies a god, By outcasting a person ,we are outcasting the god in him/her. Please stop this around you. Make our country, a better place to live in for all the people! Do you remember, in our national pledge, we acknowledge everyone as "Brothers and Sisters", Are they only to fill in the vote banks?  We are at least suppose to treat our brothers and sisters equally!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Monsoon showers

Rain drops. Rain drops,
misty clouds,
silent roads,
flowers blooming,

striking fragnance in the air,

colorful clothes,
scintillating noise,
Hot coffee,
greenery everywhere, 

some under umbrella,
some in raincoats,
some running across,
and the rest.. walking silently,

Rain drops, rain drops!
Ah, what a weather. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


1.) Copy tag to your own notes and start modifying it.
2.) Omit existing answers.
3.) Write your answers and tag as many as you want.[Image]Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real. Nothing made up. If the person before you had the same initial, you MUST have different answers, strictly NO carbon copy in that case. You cannot use any words twice. You cannot use your name for the boy and girl's name questions.

1.) What is your name: Ritika(My name)
2.) A four letter word: rave
3.) A boy's name: Rachit
4.) A girl's name: Rads
5.) An occupation: Rearing sheeps (LOL)
6.) A color: Red (hottest color)
7.) Something you wear: Rubber band
8.) A food: Rasgulla (mouth watery)
9.) Something found in the bathroom: Razor (hehe)
10.) A country: Rome 
11.) A reason for being late: Road traffic
12.) Something you shout: Romantic songs ( i don't shout, but nothing was striking me)
13.) A movie title: Rehna hai tere Dil mein <3
 14.) Something you drink: Red bull
15.) A musical group:
16.) An animal : Rabbit
17.) A street name: Rohini
18.) A type of car: Ritz
19.) An internet site/blogsite:
20.) A song: raat kali ek khwaab mein aayi
21.) A President's name:
22.) A cartoon character: Richie- Rich
23.) Name of School:
24.) A sport:
25.) A Latin word: repere (meaning- to crawl )

P.S- I could find no names/words for the gaps ,I left in! If you know, do let me know!

Another tag:
10 things you don't know about me:
1.) I eat chocolates when I cry.
2.) I want to write a book, about my life, someday!
3.) I love handmade cards, to give as well as to take!
4.) I have fetish for stationary things esp.- metallic lead pencils ( I buy them however expensive they are)
5.) I hate lizards, cockroaches, and even I get scared even by an insect as small as a mosquito,
6.) I hate moody and miser people.
7.) I don't trust anyone!
8.) I don't wish bad for anyone on this earth, however bad they have been to me!
9.) I love eating maggi and bhutta (corn) all the time!
10.) I love giving surprises!

And yeah you all are tagged!! :D

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Its my habit to juggle with dates, and relate everything of my past, in present according to dates. I think, its not only me who keep fighting with dates, But all the other people of my age can relate themselves to this peculiar habit of mine. 

I was extremely troubled 'coz of this habit. And, if you (whosoever is reading) follows my blog, must know that my dadaji expired on 7th July'05. And my birthday falls on 9th July. I kept this hidden from the world about why I am sad on my birthday for no reasons, and kept cursing it. So far, Many people have tried making it special, But I don't accept it that way. I keep crying, and mood swings carry on for another week. Its always a bad day,
rather the worst week during the year, simply because I don't want to be happy.

Times have past. And Its hard to accept the realities of life, esp Deaths, not only for me, but most of the people.

Only yesterday, I recalled something- My dad told me few days back, He loves my birthday, and it is the only date he can't forget ever in his life because I was born! And today I realize, When he can let go his elegiac sorrows for my happiness, Why do I hold onto things so firmly, and not letting it go off!

With time, I have become rigid. I don't let go off things easily. 

I realize, When we lose one person we love deeply, We hold onto every person in our lives firmly, so that we don't lose another loved one!

I feel better now.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Strike it off Tag -

I found this pretty interesting in a blog" Moments I Will Cherish" , I went through recently, It's pretty interesting tag and simple. Just strike off the things that you haven't done in your life yet. Here I go :)
  1. Smoked a Cigarette.
  2. Got so drunk you passed out.
  3. Rode every ride at an amusement park.
  4. Collected something stupid.( i collect anything, that I feel can be used in craft work)
  5. Gone to a Rock Concert. (in my college)
  6. Helped someone.(often)
  7. Gone fishing.
  8. Watched four movies in one night. (Only two, Yes)
  9. Lied to someone.
  10. Snorted cocaine.
  11. Smoked weed.
  12. Failed a subject. (Not in finals. Internals-yes. All of us in my class did ;) )
  13. Been in a car accident.
  14. Been in a tornado.
  15. Watched someone die.
  16. Been to a funeral.
  17. Burned Yourself.
  18. Run a marathon.
  19. Cried yourself to sleep.(Infinite nights)
  20. Flown in an aeroplane.
  21. Cheated on someone.
  22. Been cheated on.
  23. Written a 10 page letter.
  24. Gone skiing.
  25. Been sailing.
  26. Cut yourself.
  27. Had a best friend.( No Best friends)
  28. Lost someone you loved.
  29. Got into trouble for something you didn’t do.
  30. Stolen a book from the library. 
  31. Gone to a different country.
  32. Watched the Harry Potter movies. ( I hate Harry Potter)
  33. Had an online diary.(Yeah! )
  34. Fired a gun. ( At balloons at the Ramlila Maidan ;) )
  35. Gambled in a casino. (  I've been to, but didn't try )
  36. Been in a school play.
  37. Been fired from a job.
  38. Taken a lie detector test.
  39. Swam with dolphins.
  40. Voted for someone on a reality TV show. ( I did it for Abhijeet Sawant in Indian Idol Season 1)
  41. Written poetry. ( Oh yeah!!)
  42. Read more than 20 books a year. (Eng honors is all about reading books, and that is what I'm doing).
  43. Gone to Europe.
  44. Used a colouring book over age 12. ( Oh, I loved that)
  45. Had a Surgery.
  46. Had stitches.
  47. Taken a Taxi.
  48. Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once. ( I'm a girl afterall ;) )
  49. Been in a fist fight. ( Yeah with my brother ).
  50. Suffered any form of abuse.( Verbal)
  51. Had a pet. (I hate them)
  52. Petted a wild animal.
  53. Had your own credit card & bought something with it.
  54. Dyed your hair.
  55. Got a tattoo.
  56. Had something pierced. (Ear lobes)
  57. Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS.
  58. Taken pictures with a web cam.
  59. Lost something expensive.(My wallet)
  60. Gone to sleep with music on. (Often)

    Whoever wants to take it up, please do. Have fun. Cheers! 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Strength in togetherness?

We were like a string of pearls in the same thread,

S T R I N G    B R E A K S   O F F ,

What now remains is, A single pearl, all apart! 

What is more precious,

A pearl, or a String of pearls?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I feel low...

I am low because I want to be. I desperately need to share my thoughts, feelings and emotions the way I used to. I have become too much frustrated, possibly because of the monotony in my life;someone said. On one side there is an insurmountable academic pressure and on the other side there is this "void",I am lately feeling in my life. My life seems to be surrounded with all kinds of darkness with no rays of light coming from anywhere. "Things are psychological", someone said.

Whenever I see people, having fun and sharing over the happy and sad moments of their lives, I feel cagey and pity on thyself. I am trying to find answers to my questions , "unknown questions".I always provide myself with reasons to keep me satisfied. But, in real, I know what is the truth.

Automatically, when I think about my life, my tear glands starts functioning. I don't cry, but I sob; whenever I am alone. When I wake up every morning- I find no reasons to carry on with my life. I may be failing. But I think I am learning the different ways the life treat us, and right now I am learning the bad things. See the ways, I keep consoling myself! 

I can no more count on people, and can share my things, I think of the different things they are going to think about me. I dislike the things I used to love at one point of time. My tastes are changing. The way I treat people is changing. I am changing. May be for good. But bad is not yet ruled out of the option. I don't know, what is eating up inside me. I am not being able to find reasons for my sadness. I am not being able to deal with inner me. I don't know , why I keep judging people all the time? Why do I feel this way? Is it common among all the people in my age-group? I need to change, and find the answers for my unknown questions before it is too late.

I have become the one who is glued to her mobile, not to text but to play games.
I have become the one who likes to watch Balika Vadhu sharp at 8'0 clock,
I have become the one who keeps earphones stuck to her ears to listen to radio,
I have become the one who likes to do nothing,
I have become the one who wants to do tit- for-tat for everything,
I have become the one who dresses disastrously,

Instead of
having loads of friends to text,
watching reality shows or may be the talk shows ,
to listen the hip- hop, or hard rock music
having infinite books to read,
having infinite household chores to do,
forgiving and forgetting people,
having the biggest wardrobe people dream to have,

I have become the way I now am.

P.S.- People reading this might think - what kind of article is this, but 'am only trying to vent out my sad feelings, and the way I have been lately feeling about my life.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Grandparents' love

My grandparents are the indispensable part of my life, Their infinite love is what I cannot put up in words. I call my grandpa- dadaji, and grandma- maa!

I lost my dadaji at the age of 14 in an accident, and now I am left with maa, who cares like no one can, who tries to fill in the space we lost long back. I can make out, the pain she undergoes through, when past memories stuck up in her head. I was young and didn't know what I had lost then, but gradually, as I'm getting older , I miss him, I don't remember the days I spent with him, but what all I remember is, I called him- 'telephone waale dadaji', 'coz he was on phone most of the times, the permanent place he used to sit to have lunch as well as dinner, and also the talk show he used to see everyday at 9pm, and I loved to sit with him, to see his grey hair, to see him write, to see him putting on dhoti, He had an aura, that till date , I couldn't find in anybody else. 7th July, is the date he met with an accident, and since then, I curse this date. I let no one in my family travel out station, As I didn't attend his last rituals, I don't know how badly he was hurt. But deep inside, I wanted to see him, I feel that now. I was a kiddo then!

My granny, i.e. maa- is very sweet, humble, kind, and loving. Her place cannot be replaced by anyone else ever. She is the backbone of my family, and believe me, It is important to have a loving hand of elder people over us. And we need their blessings everyday. And from them ,we learn about the antiquity of our family, and their experience about their lives, the kind of life they lead, the kind of food they had.. Everything is changed now, and I know all that 'coz of maa. She is the most caring soul on the earth, in my life! 

Miss you dadaji, and love you maa.. :)

P.S.- Do respect and love your grandparents, they truly deserve the love, C'mon, they are your parents' parents. Treat them with high respect, Love them, Respect them. Please do. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Me, with flaws

When I wake up in the morning,
I know my weak points,
And I accept being what I am.

What if, I am not beautiful..
Impressions of beauty disappears,
What people remember, is the soul
And how we make them feel !
Should I be less loved , coz I am less attractive ?

What if, I love to eat,
God has blessed us with the ability to eat,
Knowingly, I have become a Fatso,
But then, I love eating,
Should I be less loved, Coz I am an overweight ?

What if, I am lazy,
Who aren't?
I love to introspect and think about myself,
That has made me a kinda sluggish,
But, Does that mean I should be a figure whom people should always mock at?
And, should I be less loved, coz I am lethargic at times ?

I might have hurt a soul or a two,
But, Am I to please everyone I come across?
Is anyone, good to all.. always?
Again, what is my fault?
And why, I repeat.. Should this be the reason I feel like a loner?

I accept all my foibles,
And so should everyone else.
Nobody is perfect,
and every Tom, Dick and Harry has his day!

AN EFFORT- to make people realize, that there is a limit to take insults. Someday, if I lose my good, no one will be spared.. ! Also, an initiative to spread LOVE.. !
Love your surroundings,
Love the people around you,
And treat people good, they'll treat you good.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My trip to Kashmir

Today, I sit down, here to write about the place which is surely a "paradise" on this Earth, If you are thinking about the place, I , very "proudly" would name - KASHMIR, the place I visited recently.

The picturesque landscapes, pure white snow, crystal clear waterfalls, dream-like scenery, dense forests, high mountains, surrounded all by clouds. I was overjoyed to see such a magnificent place in my own country. I *secretly* felt pride within me, I still feel a shiver inside me when I recollect the moments I spent in "heaven". I am not being able to put in those apt words it deserves. I found cherry trees; the shikara ride; pollution free environment; the snow skiing and the soul stirring nature; and I found lying myself in the lap of nature.. *WOW*

My mom's purse went missing the very first day of our trip which had lot of valuables plus cash,she left it in some shop, and after sometime she realized when she needed cash.. And we all felt the chill *oh my god* types, my hands went nervously "numb" and we looked at each other, our guide asked us all to keep calm, and we looked for it here and there, and lo, my brother found it in the shop we left, I thanked god from the bottom of my heart, Moreover -I fell in love with Kashmir more deeply, This incident, moreover the honesty- stirred a twig in my heart and soul, and I was able to jump over many stereotypes I had in my mind (which need not to be written here), I felt Kashmir as "my own Kashmir" ( I can't explain the feeling properly)

The best moment was when i saw snow, White , pure , soft, newly SNOW. I was spell bound by the beauty India carries right on its top, We played with snow, made small snow houses, covered oneself with snow, I went amuck seeing SNOW.. It was so cold there that we were covered with a cloth after cloth not showing even the slightest of the skin.

Rishi, Amulya, Madhav, Gaurav, Aditya added a flavor to the beauty with their unexpected humor, and gave me the company I didn't expected.

Gulmarg and Pehelgam are the unforgettable places I've had ever been to . Gul chacha in gulmarg, proved to be a star taking us cut the longest queue for gondola, While we were in gondola, We saw.. Actually, felt nature !! As if mountains, snow and clouds welcomed us and as we moved closer , It enclosed us all in its arms, and allowed us to play in its fragrance.

The sceneries one could only 'imagine', or we drew while we were a kid.. which comprised of mountains with sun in the middle, river flowing right from the top of the mountain, grass all over, plus the huts, Oh my god.. Ditto, when I saw, I was lost in its beauty, and so were all. *excited*

I am really short of words, to describe the beauty I felt within while I was in Kashmir, It really deserves all the cheers!! *claps*

Last one thing, Kashmir is worth fighting for. And it is really the most scintillating place among all the places I've been..!!

*Will cherish the memories of this trip forever*


Saturday, May 1, 2010

One who changed my life for good..

Finally, I am writing about a guy, whom I have known for about a year and a half, The reason for my writing about him is, my sudden realization that this guy has changed my life,changed it for good..

So, goes the outpourings for you.....

He's adorable, kind, caring, humorous and he came into my life when I was going through the worst phase of my life.. And that's what make him more special. "People come and go, and we realize their importance when they are gone," Life becomes dull, when you don't have friends to share your feelings & emotions with, when nobody cares for your smile..but he brought a beaming smile on my frowning face and gave me long unending lectures, lectures that changed my view towards life and showed me a completely different way to lead my life.. I AM BLESSED to have known him.

He's someone who bumped into me, to scold me and to tell me that I needed to get better in life in every aspect, he developed a passion in me for a number of things, like- I am writing and I OWE THIS TO HIM, he was the one who gently asked me to scribble about anything and everything and to give vent to my feelings, and i swear, from that day onwards.. I loved scribbling.. and today, I can write, and pour out my emotions well. This one goes out to you, Mayank-

"True to the core,

solid trust you bore.

Truthful are your eyes,

they display no lies.

By your words, you heal,

there's no one you can deceive.

Shining like a star,

you deserve to be a czar."

He brought distinct, varied colors to my life, and once again, he deserves the credit.. Nothing bad comes out for him, He's the one who is absolutely pure at heart, the one who could bring in my sanity, the one who could say things in a way i understand them and the one who can bring a smile to my face in severe crisis of my life.

The best part of him is, he somehow understands people, and can pull out the best in them.He's gem of a person,and I'm blessed to have known him.

Were if I your mother, I would have been proud to call you- my son.. :)) and I am in debt to you, and will never forget all that you've done for me ever, and here .. writing about you in my blog, will never let me forget all the goodness you imbibed in me.. I won't call you my best buddy, yet.. I ll never forget the way you changed my life.. THANK YOU..

Friday, April 30, 2010

Wanna be a kidd..

Ring-a-ringa roses,
Pocket full of roses..
husshaa.. wusshaa.. 
AND all fall down.. !!!!

EXAMS over, and it feels like I HAVE TO do so much in my holidays..
I feel like jumping whole day,
as if i have studied so much last month..

I wanna be a kid again, play RING-A-ROSES.. :(

Thursday, April 15, 2010


My eyes were closed,
My life was slow,
My heart was true,
My mind was translucent..

I am sure,
I can't hurt a soul.
I am soft spoken,
I am unselfishly.

People are shrewd,
People are cunning,
I can't take my life as it comes.

I'm hurt.. 
I'M hurt the most,
I won't be truthful,
I won't be polite,
I'll be unreasonable,
I'll make the pace of my life faster,
My mind will be opaque,
 I can hurt people,
 I'll be selfish..


Friday, April 9, 2010

Without you,

Without you,
I feel blue,
I feel scared,
I hardly care..

I feel unwanted,
I feel rejected,
I feel disowned,
I feel dispassionate..

I feel like screaming,

I feel like crying,
I feel uncertain,

I feel burdened..

Without you, I feel lonely......

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Deep Inside ...

Deep Inside ...
We all believe in god,

Deep Inside ...
We long to be truly loved,

Deep Inside ...
We yearn to be "missed" by some heart,

Deep Inside ...
We crave for attention,

Deep Inside ...
We wanna own a house as beautiful as palace,

Deep Inside ...
We miss the one, we left behind.. and moved on,

Deep Inside ...
We are hurt more, when we hurt someone,

Deep Inside ...
We all want someone special in life,

Deep Inside ...
We wait for our birthday throughout the year,

Deep Inside ...
We let off our ego for the one we love,

However harsh we appear to be outside, or mould ourselves to be..
We have innocence as a child,
We have purest feelings,
We have purest hearts,


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Siblings Tit-Bits

After very long.. i am here writing a blog, after my dad forced me to write something today.. So, the topic i chose was very general.. and of course common.. !! We all fight with our younger or elder bro or sis.. RITE??

To be honest.. i love fighting with my younger bro over slightest of the things..His name is GAURAV.. this is my first blog, dedicated to you.. He has always been cribbing ..  that i pen down everything about everybody around me, and never about him.. though he knows that i love him the most..!!

ONCE upon a time, I wrote a lot about him, in my private diary.. when i was small.. because i hated him, and i couldn't ever tell that to anybody, so i wrote.. but the day i realized the other part of him, i tore off my personal diary.. and he became one of my living personal diaries, who loves me as i am..I am the luckiest sis, to have him,As my friends put in..and lately, i believe them.. I am the luckiest sister..

I will never ever forget the times, he was there with me, when nobody was.. He patted my back everytime, supported me, loved me.. AS I AM.. I have no other person in my life as him, for he knows all my flaws, and still endures me with his kindness, and showers me with the absolute love.. 

We fight,
We crib,
We tease,
We share,
We shout,

We love,
We hug,
We keep secrets,
We wipe tears..!!

He teases me for i am fat, he eats all the things i love in front of my very eyes, but secretly.. he comes to me,and shares his part for i love eating those things..
Once, I  remember,  my mum reduces my pocket money to Rs 700 from Rs 1500, it was obvious that i was disappointed.. coz i had planned to do several things, i was crying.. He same upto me, wiped off my tears, and opened his piggy bank{which has a lot of money} to me.. and asked me to take any amount i wanted.. God.. even in my dreams i cannot forget this kindness of him.. 

He is the one, who, when goes anywhere leaving me alone at home.. i miss him, i call him, and i cry to him.. He s the only angel of my life, With him.. its always feels good, coz he makes me know everything about me, he supports me while i fight over minial things at home, he sacrifices his part to me.. if he comes to know that i m in need.. All my friends love him, more then they love me.. :)

He is the one who doesn't boasts about himself, although he knows he is much more superior, intellegent and smarter than I, I may not always be there for him.. but he surely is always there for him.. 

I know, he 's a gem of a person.. and he deserves the heights of the sky.. From the bottom of my heart.. i thank god, of making me his sister because of his calm ways of dealing with me.. He s one such person , i ll say sorry despite i havn't made any mistakes, i ll shout over him.. n he ll still smile to me, i ll push him away when he wants to hug me.. but ll always hug me back when i ll hug him...

OOPS, i juzz forgot.. this article was about our fights.. I guess, we love more.. i have no bad words about him, i don't think anything bad about him.. I love him to the core of my heart.. and wanna thank him.. for everything he has done to me.. knowingly or unknowingly.. !!

He' s undoubtedly the best person.. the best guy in my life.. and i cant stop being proud to be his sister..!!