Friday, September 24, 2010

The saga of "WORDS".

Words are all I have to take your heart away....
Raise your hands up in the air,
If words, ever took away your heart! 

I wish,
I could be dumb,
I wouldn't have broken a single heart,
I would have never been misunderstood.. 

Right from the Raghuvansha's Empire, An adage was formed-
"praan jaaye par vachan naa jaaye"
(I may die, but will never disobey my words)
It has meandered its meaning, and we know that. 

I wish,
my silence could make people understand,
my actions could pour out my transparent feelings,
my words wouldn't have been misunderstood.

Oh, words fail to display purest of emotions,
Yes, words are deceptive,
And words could never take anyone's heart away,
Oh *in agony*, words are fake! 

P.S.- This poem is dedicated to all, whose words have been misunderstood so far..Just to support my view, Actions speak louder than words!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Meenakshi !!!

A few years ago,
when you became my "first" best friend,
Like a support stick, You were
with me in my thick and thins.
You've always been here, close to me.
We grew together,
distance never hindered our relationship,
You are one of your own kind,
I can never forget your voice,

Your flawless glow,
Your patiently hearing sessions,
Your mindfulness,
Your pure heart,
I am proud to be your friend,
and I feel awesome, when you are around!

Meenakshi, On your birthday,
I miss you, 
Its being years.. we havn't met..
and I don't even remember when was the last ,we 
celebrated your birthday together!

May you continue to shine,
May the brilliance of the Lord persist to guide your way,
May all your dreams come true!
You are extremely special to me! 
I love you, for what you are... 

*friends forever*


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A ladder to success

I see your eyes, drenched in pride..
They say, pride is one of the seven sins.. 
In your dreams, the space you created.. 

Oh buddy, keep your calm,
And stay confident..
Over-confidence leads one nowhere..

I know you can do it,
and achieve the highest of your goals,
Oh buddy.. Don't lose your patience!
As they say, Patience is the key to success.

One day, when you achieve the highest of all you dreamt,
Don't forget the people on your way!
Especially me, for I wrote this for you- 
I'm sure, I'll be able to see, once again your eyes drenched in pride! 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A voice against Caste System

There is a guy I know, he is an electrician. Whenever something goes wrong at our place with electrical appliances or switches or anything like that, He comes to our place at once, and do the work very sincerely.

The only problem with this guy is, he is of a lower class (but how does that matter), and everyone out castes him everywhere. He is not being treated fairly and sometimes like an untouchable( I, being an eye-witness), I know that , and that too by the people I know, Nobody notices this. I do! My course (English H) carves a way for me to observe this sheer/bloody caste system that still prevails in our society. I am outraged every time I see something like this.

So often, we say.. We live in "the" 21st century,Our country has acquired all the success and power, and also brought in every kind of western culture *in pride*. Yet, this caste-system that prevails, abhors me, despite of all kinds of advancements our nation has made. 

I am strictly against this, and wish to change the way people think and categorize people as of upper- caste and lower- caste!

Dear readers, If something like this is what you feel for, Please understand .. We are all, gifts of god. and within each of us lies a god, By outcasting a person ,we are outcasting the god in him/her. Please stop this around you. Make our country, a better place to live in for all the people! Do you remember, in our national pledge, we acknowledge everyone as "Brothers and Sisters", Are they only to fill in the vote banks?  We are at least suppose to treat our brothers and sisters equally!