Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My trip to Kashmir

Today, I sit down, here to write about the place which is surely a "paradise" on this Earth, If you are thinking about the place, I , very "proudly" would name - KASHMIR, the place I visited recently.

The picturesque landscapes, pure white snow, crystal clear waterfalls, dream-like scenery, dense forests, high mountains, surrounded all by clouds. I was overjoyed to see such a magnificent place in my own country. I *secretly* felt pride within me, I still feel a shiver inside me when I recollect the moments I spent in "heaven". I am not being able to put in those apt words it deserves. I found cherry trees; the shikara ride; pollution free environment; the snow skiing and the soul stirring nature; and I found lying myself in the lap of nature.. *WOW*

My mom's purse went missing the very first day of our trip which had lot of valuables plus cash,she left it in some shop, and after sometime she realized when she needed cash.. And we all felt the chill *oh my god* types, my hands went nervously "numb" and we looked at each other, our guide asked us all to keep calm, and we looked for it here and there, and lo, my brother found it in the shop we left, I thanked god from the bottom of my heart, Moreover -I fell in love with Kashmir more deeply, This incident, moreover the honesty- stirred a twig in my heart and soul, and I was able to jump over many stereotypes I had in my mind (which need not to be written here), I felt Kashmir as "my own Kashmir" ( I can't explain the feeling properly)

The best moment was when i saw snow, White , pure , soft, newly SNOW. I was spell bound by the beauty India carries right on its top, We played with snow, made small snow houses, covered oneself with snow, I went amuck seeing SNOW.. It was so cold there that we were covered with a cloth after cloth not showing even the slightest of the skin.

Rishi, Amulya, Madhav, Gaurav, Aditya added a flavor to the beauty with their unexpected humor, and gave me the company I didn't expected.

Gulmarg and Pehelgam are the unforgettable places I've had ever been to . Gul chacha in gulmarg, proved to be a star taking us cut the longest queue for gondola, While we were in gondola, We saw.. Actually, felt nature !! As if mountains, snow and clouds welcomed us and as we moved closer , It enclosed us all in its arms, and allowed us to play in its fragrance.

The sceneries one could only 'imagine', or we drew while we were a kid.. which comprised of mountains with sun in the middle, river flowing right from the top of the mountain, grass all over, plus the huts, Oh my god.. Ditto, when I saw, I was lost in its beauty, and so were all. *excited*

I am really short of words, to describe the beauty I felt within while I was in Kashmir, It really deserves all the cheers!! *claps*

Last one thing, Kashmir is worth fighting for. And it is really the most scintillating place among all the places I've been..!!

*Will cherish the memories of this trip forever*


Saturday, May 1, 2010

One who changed my life for good..

Finally, I am writing about a guy, whom I have known for about a year and a half, The reason for my writing about him is, my sudden realization that this guy has changed my life,changed it for good..

So, goes the outpourings for you.....

He's adorable, kind, caring, humorous and he came into my life when I was going through the worst phase of my life.. And that's what make him more special. "People come and go, and we realize their importance when they are gone," Life becomes dull, when you don't have friends to share your feelings & emotions with, when nobody cares for your smile..but he brought a beaming smile on my frowning face and gave me long unending lectures, lectures that changed my view towards life and showed me a completely different way to lead my life.. I AM BLESSED to have known him.

He's someone who bumped into me, to scold me and to tell me that I needed to get better in life in every aspect, he developed a passion in me for a number of things, like- I am writing and I OWE THIS TO HIM, he was the one who gently asked me to scribble about anything and everything and to give vent to my feelings, and i swear, from that day onwards.. I loved scribbling.. and today, I can write, and pour out my emotions well. This one goes out to you, Mayank-

"True to the core,

solid trust you bore.

Truthful are your eyes,

they display no lies.

By your words, you heal,

there's no one you can deceive.

Shining like a star,

you deserve to be a czar."

He brought distinct, varied colors to my life, and once again, he deserves the credit.. Nothing bad comes out for him, He's the one who is absolutely pure at heart, the one who could bring in my sanity, the one who could say things in a way i understand them and the one who can bring a smile to my face in severe crisis of my life.

The best part of him is, he somehow understands people, and can pull out the best in them.He's gem of a person,and I'm blessed to have known him.

Were if I your mother, I would have been proud to call you- my son.. :)) and I am in debt to you, and will never forget all that you've done for me ever, and here .. writing about you in my blog, will never let me forget all the goodness you imbibed in me.. I won't call you my best buddy, yet.. I ll never forget the way you changed my life.. THANK YOU..