Saturday, March 27, 2010

Deep Inside ...

Deep Inside ...
We all believe in god,

Deep Inside ...
We long to be truly loved,

Deep Inside ...
We yearn to be "missed" by some heart,

Deep Inside ...
We crave for attention,

Deep Inside ...
We wanna own a house as beautiful as palace,

Deep Inside ...
We miss the one, we left behind.. and moved on,

Deep Inside ...
We are hurt more, when we hurt someone,

Deep Inside ...
We all want someone special in life,

Deep Inside ...
We wait for our birthday throughout the year,

Deep Inside ...
We let off our ego for the one we love,

However harsh we appear to be outside, or mould ourselves to be..
We have innocence as a child,
We have purest feelings,
We have purest hearts,


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Siblings Tit-Bits

After very long.. i am here writing a blog, after my dad forced me to write something today.. So, the topic i chose was very general.. and of course common.. !! We all fight with our younger or elder bro or sis.. RITE??

To be honest.. i love fighting with my younger bro over slightest of the things..His name is GAURAV.. this is my first blog, dedicated to you.. He has always been cribbing ..  that i pen down everything about everybody around me, and never about him.. though he knows that i love him the most..!!

ONCE upon a time, I wrote a lot about him, in my private diary.. when i was small.. because i hated him, and i couldn't ever tell that to anybody, so i wrote.. but the day i realized the other part of him, i tore off my personal diary.. and he became one of my living personal diaries, who loves me as i am..I am the luckiest sis, to have him,As my friends put in..and lately, i believe them.. I am the luckiest sister..

I will never ever forget the times, he was there with me, when nobody was.. He patted my back everytime, supported me, loved me.. AS I AM.. I have no other person in my life as him, for he knows all my flaws, and still endures me with his kindness, and showers me with the absolute love.. 

We fight,
We crib,
We tease,
We share,
We shout,

We love,
We hug,
We keep secrets,
We wipe tears..!!

He teases me for i am fat, he eats all the things i love in front of my very eyes, but secretly.. he comes to me,and shares his part for i love eating those things..
Once, I  remember,  my mum reduces my pocket money to Rs 700 from Rs 1500, it was obvious that i was disappointed.. coz i had planned to do several things, i was crying.. He same upto me, wiped off my tears, and opened his piggy bank{which has a lot of money} to me.. and asked me to take any amount i wanted.. God.. even in my dreams i cannot forget this kindness of him.. 

He is the one, who, when goes anywhere leaving me alone at home.. i miss him, i call him, and i cry to him.. He s the only angel of my life, With him.. its always feels good, coz he makes me know everything about me, he supports me while i fight over minial things at home, he sacrifices his part to me.. if he comes to know that i m in need.. All my friends love him, more then they love me.. :)

He is the one who doesn't boasts about himself, although he knows he is much more superior, intellegent and smarter than I, I may not always be there for him.. but he surely is always there for him.. 

I know, he 's a gem of a person.. and he deserves the heights of the sky.. From the bottom of my heart.. i thank god, of making me his sister because of his calm ways of dealing with me.. He s one such person , i ll say sorry despite i havn't made any mistakes, i ll shout over him.. n he ll still smile to me, i ll push him away when he wants to hug me.. but ll always hug me back when i ll hug him...

OOPS, i juzz forgot.. this article was about our fights.. I guess, we love more.. i have no bad words about him, i don't think anything bad about him.. I love him to the core of my heart.. and wanna thank him.. for everything he has done to me.. knowingly or unknowingly.. !!

He' s undoubtedly the best person.. the best guy in my life.. and i cant stop being proud to be his sister..!!