Sunday, August 1, 2010


Its my habit to juggle with dates, and relate everything of my past, in present according to dates. I think, its not only me who keep fighting with dates, But all the other people of my age can relate themselves to this peculiar habit of mine. 

I was extremely troubled 'coz of this habit. And, if you (whosoever is reading) follows my blog, must know that my dadaji expired on 7th July'05. And my birthday falls on 9th July. I kept this hidden from the world about why I am sad on my birthday for no reasons, and kept cursing it. So far, Many people have tried making it special, But I don't accept it that way. I keep crying, and mood swings carry on for another week. Its always a bad day,
rather the worst week during the year, simply because I don't want to be happy.

Times have past. And Its hard to accept the realities of life, esp Deaths, not only for me, but most of the people.

Only yesterday, I recalled something- My dad told me few days back, He loves my birthday, and it is the only date he can't forget ever in his life because I was born! And today I realize, When he can let go his elegiac sorrows for my happiness, Why do I hold onto things so firmly, and not letting it go off!

With time, I have become rigid. I don't let go off things easily. 

I realize, When we lose one person we love deeply, We hold onto every person in our lives firmly, so that we don't lose another loved one!

I feel better now.



Raj said...

honestly speaking. i dont remember dates. this year i didnt even remember it was my budday. and when dad calls me i am like really?

and maybe i am gonna sound rude. but its just another day whether it relate to birth or death.

and on ur budday, go geta beer. and its right there at the top. best day ever. :P

Anonymous Someone said...

glad that you found the better part... live life as it comes, thats what your Grand Pa would also have wanted.

HaRy!! said...

sure do understand yu buddy!! I dont blame anyone but similarly I wud not want anyone to wish/celebrate my b'day for a different reason, but as the years pass by I come to think that its not fair on my part and those who wish goodness for me as well!... we need to accept reality!..a thought which persists in most of us...cyu! tak care!

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. Tag was honest and frank. One needs to remember that life moves on. If you cling to past the way you say, you are tormenting the departed soul as he must be always wanting your happiness even when he is in heaven. I know it is difficult to get over loss of someone dear but one should keep fond memories and pray for eternal peace for the departed soul. Try to follow good things which he inculcated in you so he is happy.

Take care

ritika said...

@Raj- C'mon, at least remember your birthday! My birthday has never turned out to be the best ever since my childhood.. Take Care.

@Anonymous someone- I'm trying my level best, Thanks for your comments!
Take Care.

@Hary- Instead of being aware of all the harsh realities, sometimes we are too afraid to move on, and that's exactly what is happening with me. I am afraid, and will take time! Take Care. Do keep reading my blog.

@Jack uncle- I love your comments and try to follow them to some extent. I am trying to be happy! I feel disgusted at the idea of death, and how life doesn't stop for anyone. People forget deaths so easily.
Take Care.
P.S.- Only by reading your blogs, I, from now on, will reply to all the comments! Thanks, You have been extremely kind!

Raj said...

baah humbug. its just another day to

1 get drunk
2 get beaten
3 get your pockets empty over people who you don't even notice otherwise.

and life is a bitch. accept it. the quicker, the easier and the less painful :)

and forgive me for my slang i am just in a raw mood.

and death well, that's one constant without approximations. :P

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

//When he can let go his elegiac sorrows for my happiness, Why do I hold onto things so firmly, and not letting it go off!//

so so very true. and when you can see both sides of this coin, it would help you to slowly start getting over it.