Friday, June 24, 2011

Life= monotony, and hope.

It was an evening, lazy and monotonous,
Among the green bushy patches,
I strolled in my steady pace,
I watched the dogs lazing,
and the cows that were mooing constantly. 

Trees were still,
Not a leaf moved an inch.
It seemed that trees were taking a nap, 
I couldn't feel the wind,
Nothing was unusual.

Babies in their respective prams, 
and their maids dutifully carried them,
Some seemed careful about the baby,
but the rest, just got an excuse to chit-chat and relax.
It was mundane.

Sky was clear blue. 
Despite of blue being my fav color,
Nothing seemed exciting about it.
Sun was setting,
While girls were walking back to their home.

Some lovers strolled on the path,
and some hid among bushes,
Some who were newly coupled, walked hand-in-hand,
Rest-fought, abused and talked of break-up.
One could understand.
It was obvious.

Frogs jumped on the path,
and lizards swirled on the trunk of the tree,
chameleons changed their color from blue to green,
And squirrels, ran without any reason.
It was life.

And I just strolled for a while,
and returned back home,
It happens to me everyday,
And this is life.

There's a meaning in mundaneness,
You just have to find it.

Friday, June 17, 2011

What is this?

I might be lonely,
I might be confused,
I might be in a bad mood,
I might just want to stay alone.

I should be happy,
It is raining outside,
cukoo is singing in symphony,
and its all so beautiful.

I am sad,
I don't know what to do,
I have no one to take me to the next step,
I feel doomed and not a ray of hope.

Everything seems to fall apart,
Chaos and confusion all around,
Oh brain! why have you stopped working?

Or may be, I am being plain impatient!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not all teachers are gurus.

She was standing at the door, when her teacher threw at her, her handwritten script unread marked 50% which she gave it to her to read. Riya was waiting to hear something about the script she had spent days and nights on. She spent a month writing it, when other students were preparing for the exams. But Professor didn't utter a word. She ignored. She outcasted her. Without any reason, due to the prejudices of course that she was incapable enough to write that script. Riya was shattered and deeply hurt. 

She didn't feel like writing any more. She cried. She cried her heart loud, because she was not ready for this. She firmly believed that no teacher can be like that. Her friends cajoled her, tried to calm her, but she was enraged. No one could ever understand what agony was she smitten by. She respected all the teachers while other students bitched about them at their back. Teachers liked sycophancy too. 

Not all teachers are gurus. Some teachers are biased. They have an inclination towards their favorite students and they think of others(not so intelligent) as dumb-asses. It's the responsibility of a teacher to make that student feel comfortable who aren't that "intelligent". Ones who are that capable are already loved and liked by all the teachers. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wounds of words.

Every time, when someone does a bad thing to me, or that I dislike, I tend to think bad of that person. We all do. Isn't it? Because we are angry, we hurt numerous people unknowingly, or may be knowingly. I wish, we could undone certain things or could take some hurting words back.

But what is said, is gone. It leaves deep everlasting chasms of pain in the heart of the person at the receiving end. That can never be healed.

We all fight, on a regular basis. With friends. With spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend. With parents. With relatives. But how can we prevent from saying those words that are so hurtful and unforgiving? 

To prevent/control anger is extremely difficult job. Those who can who it, achieve the real success and is able to measure the scales in life, for he hasn't hurt the people on his way up. He becomes a respectable person in society, more than who loses his temper and uses harsh/abusive words. Don't you agree? 
Therefore, many people say that drinking water while you are angry helps. BUT, nothing helps. Nothing at all. We tend to use foul language. How do we drink water while we are in rage? It doesn't even strike.  

The only way to control temper is to be patient. Anger destroys everything-Relations, love, and companionship. Resisting the temptation of showing anger is the real task. All the different reality shows these days like Roadies, Splitsvilla.. provoke people to be angry. The harsh and abusive words, will definitely not make the society civilized. And the youth thinks its cool to be abusive. IT'S NOT. It leaves a bad impression on the other person, whatever relation you share. 

After living in Delhi for numerous years now, One thing is for sure, People can't start or end their sentences without abuses. If they themselves abuse, Can they ever stop their own kid? If they can't, One can imagine the kind of generation it'll be.