Friday, September 24, 2010

The saga of "WORDS".

Words are all I have to take your heart away....
Raise your hands up in the air,
If words, ever took away your heart! 

I wish,
I could be dumb,
I wouldn't have broken a single heart,
I would have never been misunderstood.. 

Right from the Raghuvansha's Empire, An adage was formed-
"praan jaaye par vachan naa jaaye"
(I may die, but will never disobey my words)
It has meandered its meaning, and we know that. 

I wish,
my silence could make people understand,
my actions could pour out my transparent feelings,
my words wouldn't have been misunderstood.

Oh, words fail to display purest of emotions,
Yes, words are deceptive,
And words could never take anyone's heart away,
Oh *in agony*, words are fake! 

P.S.- This poem is dedicated to all, whose words have been misunderstood so far..Just to support my view, Actions speak louder than words!


aashi said...

amazing yar meri situation par likhi hai kya? bt let me tel u its simply outstanding n i loved it:))

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

so true, unfortunately, most of the times our words are misunderstood, and our actions taken for granted, that they serve some selfish motive.

Unruly Rebel said...

so so true, its just words dat hurt so much, even if dey were meant to love... :(

My BlOg-Wen i was a boy

Arnav said...

Nice :)

Amazing .Words can be really deceptive at times :) yet can be super emotional at times :)

bebo ♥ said...


Jack said...


Read 3 poems now. A Ladder to Success is not only motivational but has right advice too. So sweet of you to remember your friend on her birthday. Many a times words spoken innocently are misunderstood creating unwanted tensions.

Take care

Princess Caspian said...

Awesome. I read it a long time ago, commenting now...forgive me! It is so true, words fail us all the time...that is what Kant meant by the 'sublime', there are times when we just can't express ourselves...and then there are times when they are misunderstood. And this happens about 70% times!

Hence proved. Words are useless, yet it is one of those things we cannot live without.