Saturday, February 26, 2011

A "metropolitan" woman.

As there she is,
A woman,
Beautiful, benign and bold,
Yet, fragile in her ways,
Walking high on her heels,
Her bangles and danglers decking her,
Like stars embellishing the dark night.

Sensuous are her moves,
And what loaded, assertive words and decree,
Are pronounced by that,
Rosy, nonchalant, gum chewing mouth.

Sensitive and childlike is she,
Yet full of substance, power and might,
With an urge to soar high,
Up in the sky. She is,
Capable of shaking 'Mount Olympus'.
Raising her voice, glorifying her passions,
And like never before,
Rising above and beyond the reach of 'MEN'.

Sophisticated and educated is she,
Which the patriarchal world never wanted her to be,
She takes her decisions and,
Decides the course of her life,
She has faith, she has trust,
In no one else, But in her.
Simple,Sensible yet Sacrificing is she,
A Charming, coquettish fighter is she,
She can no longer be ignored,
Oh, no more can she escape your attention,

For she has arrived,
To leave you men gawking at her,
With your jaws dropped down low,
Yes, she is the new-age woman,
The 'metropolitan'' woman,
Following the footsteps of 'Draupadi',
But certainly not walking in her shoes.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Valentine, Beware!

On this day of love,
when love is in the air,
and people in love,
are pouring their hearts out.

I, desolate.. but happy,
after realizing love,
is not that we fancy, But
Love is a gamble.

It is not about making castles,
and going gaga about.
It is all about making sacrifices,
and being faithful.

It is dark,
It is a hope,
It is an ostentation,
It is love,
Oh, What a grave and passionate obsession!

Love is like a rose,
but not a bed of roses.
So, Dear Valentine,
Think before you let your feelings flow.

Friday, February 11, 2011

An ode to my college

I knew, I was late,
I rushed in through the gate,
The watchman passed a grin,
asked for my identity to let me in.

My half preoccupied in the contemplation of an excuse,
and the other, in praying my own personal muse.
While I plaited my hair, and creased my shirt,
My eyes fell upon the surrounding free of dirt.

It was unusual that I stopped,
To caress the splendid lush greens,
the bright flowers that were cropped,
under the sky calm and clean.

My heart thralled in joy,
to acknowledge the beauty unseen,
There, I sat down on the bench to enjoy,
without realizing the minutes nineteen.

My sight fell upon the bunch of girls,
vociferating a birthday song,
and clicked the smiles and their curls,
forgetting all about the rights and the wrongs.

My throat choked by the tearing pain,
When I realized the time that can never come again,
to leave this place forever,
that I revered with intense fervor.

The boundless support of teachers,
Astounding memories with friends,
Incredible unity among class-fellows,
And the scenic beauty in the vicinity,
is the most unforgettable part
in the course of my three years!