Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Forward Message Senders,

Everyday, I get a lot of forward messages, informing me 'this is life', 'that's life', etc. I hope, you would be able to connect it with what I am trying to say. Some say- "follow these seven principles to lead a happy life", and what not.

When at midnight, you are half asleep, and the message like this arrives, How do you feel? I don't think, It has changed your life, or something like that. You probably curse the sender,  who has sent you the text. Of course, I feel exasperated.

We all are living life, and sailing on the same boat probably. Some are in their high tides, and some could be in low tides. I would like to pose this question to my not-so-dear forward-message-senders, that do they exactly follow these principles, and lead "the required happy life". Has anyone of them who forwards these, understood the essence of life, and is willing to stay contended with whatever is happening around them. I am sceptic about it. We all have the right to live the way we feel, we should. We all commit mistakes, and learn from it. Do I offend you, senders?

I am aware of the fact that technology users have exploded their usage, but please.. at least, respect the privacy of the recipient. Free messages are all in the air, Even I use the scheme. But that never gave anyone the right to invade in the privacy.

Not only these, but the network messages have become a major problem to our lives. They aren't aware of the situations we are in, and they repeatedly, keep sending messages to buy this real estate, to buy that membership... and god knows what! Hell. In the scarce situation, when your closed one is on death bed, would you like to see such kind of a message? Or situation can be anything like you are studying, writing an article, or even cooking. How does it matter?

Our lives are full of problems as it is. And these messages just add on to the stress. These messages do no good to anyone. If my dear senders, you are so fond of sending forwards, send santa-banta jokes, so that if not anything else, it makes the other person smile and helps to release her/him from stress. That is still acceptable.

Of course, Its my urge to the people to stop sending the messages. I am fed-up of these nonsense messages. And wish to see no more of them. And regarding life, I'd like to commit my own set of mistakes and learn from them. Please, If you are still so adamant to not stop, see the time before you forward these kind of messages.

P.S.- Just while writing this, I got three forwards from three different people. *phew* 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

An illusion of a perfect life.

Things can never be perfect,
As we want them to be.
As we imagine.
As we dream. 

to lead a happy and a peaceful life ,
We can live in an illusion,
of everything being perfect.

We can hide our sorrows,
behind our glamourous smiles.
We can cry,
but call them "blissful tears".

We cannot run away from problems.
We cannot jump to the conclusions.
We cannot foresee our future.

We have to wait. 
And to wait, Its important to live in illusions.
I do.

I wish,
We could be born flawless,
like the unbroken petals of rose. 

I wish,
nothing would matter, except the hearts. 
*the most valuable- heart*

And today,
Everything else matters, but the heart? Ha! 
*who cares*

Irreparable time.

Time flies. 
It does. But when in pain, Time doesn't seem to fly. Why is it when, we are happy and spend the good time, we don't realize the amount of time spent. But when we are suffering or in some deep shit, we see our watch after every minute.

My college is getting over- hopefully, if I pass. Of course, I spent the awesome time there. I know, time can never come back.  But, when I look back into the time, I realize- I've changed tremendously, and So does my thinking line. 

There are numerous people I held responsible for making me whatever I am. Yes, I have realized- I am something. Most importantly. College days have empowered me, encouraged me and changed me. I shall never forget the days I spent in that vicinity. The college became special, because of the friends and teachers who taught me. It wouldn't be same, if anyone of these would be missing. I won't name here. But people who read this, are of course the major part of my college days. I've learnt a great deal from all of them.

Sometimes, I wonder- Where I would be without college,when it gets over. No answer echoes back to me. I don't know. I might do good in life, or it can be other way also. Undecided of the admissions, *vexed* It is a strange feeling. Exams are just around the corner. And I should have been studying big time, day and night. But I am pouring out my heart here. 

I am not ready to believe I have grown up. Like what?  I was a kid, a child yesterday. And not a child anymore. This is a scary feeling. When I was young, I was so excited to go to college. And now when its getting over, I am scared of the life ahead. I know, my life has just begun, as every grey-haired person tells me. But, Life so far, has showed me the differences between good and bad. and Also, taught me that- life's not gonna be easy. 

I am excited to know, what's going to happen. What am I going to become. Whether I be able to achieve what I desire and aim to be.

Its just a feeling, and a bad time I am going through. Time is not flying, because things are good. 
I think, now its the time to take a deep breath. And introspect more.  

P.s.- I couldn't say anything on my farewell day, but I wanted to say. Thanks all of you for being there for me. You shall be missed. And those days, might be experienced once again, if we are together. 

Stupidest cupid. Let her live!

I travel in Metro, and usually close my ears listening to FM, but due to some problem in the way i wore my headphones, it kept felling off again and again. And I heard something so funny, That I couldn't help, but get angry.

I heard a girl talking over phone probably talking to her boyfriend, "baby, I am so sorry, I had gone to take bath, after you cut the call that time, and couldn't pick your call,Jaan, Don't get angry. " 

Oh my god? Do couples these days fight over shit like this? I felt like thrashing her that time. Dude, This is heights of possessiveness. What is the need to tell the nuanced details of your life, like you sneezed, you bathed, you taking breakfast.. blah.. blah.. I have personally known couples who fight over the useless issue of not messaging or replying within every 10 seconds. I wonder, Are they in a relationship to fight or to love? You don't trust a person whom you love for she doesn't take their call or call back, Whatever, ONCE? I know, we have technologically advanced, and we all have free messages, but is this way to torture every moment?

There are guys who dictate their girls to not wear sleeveless and showy dresses, but when they get down in a mall, They are the first ones to look out for the girls who wear this? Males are such hypocrites, They have all the problems with their girlfriend's female friends. What kind of life a girl who gets this kind of guy lives! HELL, A hell given by males! TORTURE! For god's sake, Let her breathe, and give her the required space. Or she ll soon realize that you are making her life hell, and will leave you!

I have pathos with the people like these, and pity on their lives and the kind of lives they are living! God has given all of us just one life? And you are responsible for making it pathetic instead of beautiful.  Grow up!

Love is all what we crave for. To get true love. Ha! And if at all we get "true" love, what do we do? We fight? We make that person cry whom we left the world for? We give pain? Please. Stop falling in love, and polluting the word, if this is what you want to do after getting the one you love. Life is so short to spread hatred. One should realize it before its too late. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My dear new l'il Mac book pro,

Aww.. Typing on you, darling, *pinching myself*-Yes, you are mine! You are the one, I can carry it everywhere. Like my little notebook, you save everything- all my silly pictures, and not-so-silly documents. When your screen sleeps, You look so adorable like a baby sleeping peacefully in the mother's arms. And the camera you have- You make me look so good with all its effects. And I love to sing with you on Garage Band. I love to play piano, and make my own music. I love to touch your keys. I am falling short of words to express my happiness. Your scratch-less body, and your speakers are totally fantabulous. When I am with you, I never feel sad. 

You are the best thing I've ever got. Without demands and complaints. You are all mine. I just want to type, type and type all day. Your so sleek figure gives me a complex, for sure. And not to forget, I also love paraphernalia you have bring along. You are adored, my mac! :) 

Only yours.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eyes and I.

Yeah, those sparkling and twinkling thing on your face- laid safely between the white hard shell that captures and encapsulates every little thing you take notice of, which directly connects it to your grey cells. Yeah, I got an infection there. Severe one. And my face looked abhorrent. And I couldn't even smile nicely, 'coz when I smiled, my eyes take a natural closure, and it pained badly every time I did smile. I couldn't wink at my friends in class. I could not rub them. I could not close them well. But After 10 long days, It is recovering, and getting back to its original shape. Thank god for that!

I really had to take good care of them. And also take the antibiotics. I hate them. But my eyes... They aren't twinkling any more. I have to take utmost care of them to see them sparkle again.

I realized, the amount of pain one has to undergo with these god-gifted bodies that comes as a package with our flesh. I just wish, nothing of that sort happen to anyone else. It was bad. It embarrassed me everywhere. And pain- was just infinite. 

Eyes, are the most beautiful part of our face , I think. They express so much. And they are truthful. They are not like sycophants or puppets. They are pure and transparent.

All of you people, who have got their bodies in a right condition, Feel pride and don't crib. Make a judicious use of it. And please, Please.. take care.. You see, We all know 'prevention is better than cure'.