Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Valentine, Beware!

On this day of love,
when love is in the air,
and people in love,
are pouring their hearts out.

I, desolate.. but happy,
after realizing love,
is not that we fancy, But
Love is a gamble.

It is not about making castles,
and going gaga about.
It is all about making sacrifices,
and being faithful.

It is dark,
It is a hope,
It is an ostentation,
It is love,
Oh, What a grave and passionate obsession!

Love is like a rose,
but not a bed of roses.
So, Dear Valentine,
Think before you let your feelings flow.


Sunakshi said...

happy v-day :)

Daljit Kalsi said...

love it..

Daljit Kalsi said...

Love it..

Jack said...


Read all pending poems. Just beautiful. Hope is a must if one wants to remain happy and succeed. Nice capture of scene on New Year's eve. Love is something which makes one feel positive in life while hate always leads to negative. So it is LOVE what one must choose. Very well composed to motivate. Emotions as well as expectations of Bride so well brought out. I am sure those from your college who read this poem will feel proud of you. This one is so true. Love is Rose but NOT Bed of Roses, so true and practical. Love needs to be nurtured daily otherwise it will wither away like Rose without water.

Take care

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

The valentine, and love, strange are their ways of mush... You never know when it gets you. But yes, its a journey, not always laid with roses, sometimes is tough too.

Blasphemous Aesthete

ritika said...

@Sunakshi- Happy V-day to u too!

@Daljit- Thank u so much for dropping in.

@Jack uncle - I was waiting for you to comment. Thank u. Take Care.

@Blasphemous- Love isn't sometimes tough, It is always tough. In the 24 hours of the day, Lovers fight for 23.5 hours, or sometimes, even for 24 hours. I wonder where is the love? Take Care.

simran said...

Very true ..Love is a gamble!
Beautiful post ritz :)

Keep smiling..Happy Valentine's day :)