Monday, December 13, 2010

Slighest of hope keeps me going!

I lose! 
something morbid occurs to me,

But even after losing,
I wanna win.
I wanna live,
I wake up afresh,
with a new ray of hope,
a hope to win, someday!

All we need is a flicker of light... and this is how life goes on!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why do people steal?

I wonder.. 

Yesterday, my friend's cell got stolen and she filled in buckets of tears. It is obvious, after all we are so attached, or rather addicted to our cell phones. It is not only about cellphones, we are attached to the every little thing we use in our daily lives!
Mr. thief, I am sure you gonna be getting your punishment, and someday you'll be losing something as precious as you stole today! Because, In life we always get back that we have done in past!

Please, please , please.. If anyone who steals happens to read my blog, Stop stealing, at once. You feel happy by stealing one day, but the problems that follow in the coming time are too big for people to handle.

Do good, things will always fall in place for you!
And please don't steal. Ever. 
Here, I can think of the Bournville's tagline-"You earn it"! 
Earn and spend,always, and you'll enjoy that pleasure of spending , IF YOU ARE A *REAL* GENTLEMAN OR A GENTLEWOMAN.