Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Because, she is the bride ...

Because, she is the bride
for the night,
loaded with jewels,
and hush-hush make-up.

Because, she is the bride,
her face radiant,
her smile illuminating,
and her mind in melancholy.

Because, she is the bride,
the lessons of her mother,
the love of her friends,
the blessings of the relatives,
she takes along.

Because, she is the bride,
apocalyptic tomorrow,
with an unfamiliar mother,
and a new family.

Because, she is the bride,
who was the sun of her family,
will be the moon to the new family,
all geared up, to make her home.

Because, she is the bride,
her dreams she'd woven,
unsure of the future,
with unending demands,
and full of sacrifices,
she welcomes all of it,
and give herself,
in the eternal bond.

Because, she is the bride,
she cares,
she loves,
all like her own.
Because, she is the bride,
she sighs,
she's anxious,
she is the most deserving of love. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love or Hate?

One life to love,
One life to hate,
And I choose love over hate.

Life do gives us chance,
And what we do?
We defenestrate those chances,
And crib,
crib about our only life!

How do we live?
Its better to die,
never cry!
When we drop our tears,
We look weak.
Only life to love,
Only life to hate,

And I will always choose love over hate!

P.S.- Like any other native of this country, I dream to eradicate hatred and spread love! And want people to stop cribbing about their lives, and accept the way god has made them! That gives satisfaction, And satisfaction always and always brings peace. And if one is at peace, He/she ll always spread love and no hatred!

What do you choose?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beauty in darkness...

Under the darkest sky I've ever seen,
with ocean of twinkling stars,
Cool breeze was blowing,
And I felt the wind playing with me,

A mass surrounded by the sparkling water,
and a splendid reflection of leaves in it,
And crystalline dew drops over them,
seems to ornate them as a newly wedded girl.

Some fireflies, I can see
Some lizards, I get scared by the sight of them,
And the shrill sound of those cockroaches,
rested peacefully in the intensive winters.

Standing in solitude,
refection can I see,
in the flickering of infinite candles and lanterns,
And I don't want to move an inch.

How can I forget the docile grass,
which was as soft as silk,
on which I moved; I felt my bare feet wet,
as if grass was still perspiring.

Perhaps,This intrinsic beauty in darkness,
I shall welcome all my life.

 P.S.- I wrote this poem in Alibaug,a suburb of Mumbai on the New Years's eve! I can hardly imagine this kind of beauty in Delhi.