Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love or Hate?

One life to love,
One life to hate,
And I choose love over hate.

Life do gives us chance,
And what we do?
We defenestrate those chances,
And crib,
crib about our only life!

How do we live?
Its better to die,
never cry!
When we drop our tears,
We look weak.
Only life to love,
Only life to hate,

And I will always choose love over hate!

P.S.- Like any other native of this country, I dream to eradicate hatred and spread love! And want people to stop cribbing about their lives, and accept the way god has made them! That gives satisfaction, And satisfaction always and always brings peace. And if one is at peace, He/she ll always spread love and no hatred!

What do you choose?


HaRy!! said...

Well only if everyone understands that Hate can come of no good in this tiny life... love is in the air for sure! pleasant one actually

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I choose to live, as it comes to me.

Cheers, to life!

सुरेन्द्र "मुल्हिद" said...

Only life to love,
Only life to hate,
I am so much overwhelmed
after reading your poem
even if i want
I may not state.

awesome work.

Sayak said...

I wouldn't choose either.I would rather be indifferent.

Sunakshi said...

I will also choose love over hate.hi-5 :D