Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beauty in darkness...

Under the darkest sky I've ever seen,
with ocean of twinkling stars,
Cool breeze was blowing,
And I felt the wind playing with me,

A mass surrounded by the sparkling water,
and a splendid reflection of leaves in it,
And crystalline dew drops over them,
seems to ornate them as a newly wedded girl.

Some fireflies, I can see
Some lizards, I get scared by the sight of them,
And the shrill sound of those cockroaches,
rested peacefully in the intensive winters.

Standing in solitude,
refection can I see,
in the flickering of infinite candles and lanterns,
And I don't want to move an inch.

How can I forget the docile grass,
which was as soft as silk,
on which I moved; I felt my bare feet wet,
as if grass was still perspiring.

Perhaps,This intrinsic beauty in darkness,
I shall welcome all my life.

 P.S.- I wrote this poem in Alibaug,a suburb of Mumbai on the New Years's eve! I can hardly imagine this kind of beauty in Delhi.


Sunit Baheti said...

This somehow reminds me of Daffodils and William Wordsworth and John keats..
I could imagine the moments in ur poem.. There in lies ur success!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Of course, the scene is as beautiful as you described it. just like your last line, This intrinsic beauty in darkness,
I shall welcome all my life.

But don't forget to see it in light, when it is in colour.

Avi said...

Nice description of nature !!

correct the typo in 'reflection'

Sneha said...

beautiful yar...
juz so pretty imagination..:))
m thnkng dat if dis poem is so beautiful..hw beautiful wud b d real scene...:)