Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My tiny sister- Sanvi.

The sight of Sanvi, 
fills me with joy and content.
Her tiny fingers and palms,
that holds my thumb
in her own gentle ways,
and her gorgeous smile
could just make up for the 
most melancholy day,
And the way she digs her head 
when i pick her up in my arms,
and tickles on my shoulder,
and refuses to go.
she moulds herself accordingly
when I embrace her in my arms,
she feels happy and cozy, 
she plays with her thumb,
and twists her neck,
she cries in real for sometime,
and sometimes, she cries to cry.
She smirks, she chides,
for those who can understand her.

P.S.- Sanvi is my cousin sister who is 21 years younger  to me. Her fourth monthly birthday just went away two days back. She lights up my days when I meet her.

Babies are the purest form of human beings. They are not pretentious. They have the liberty to say whatever they like. 


Raajii said...

Aww... so cute :-)

pawan said...

Awesome, well written...to add to the piece, she sometime cries to sympathize with the one crying next to her :)

Niya said...

owch so cute.. <3<3<3

kids are the best things on earth! i just love them all...

u'r poem was so beautiful ^_^

Jack said...


Read 3 posts now. Worth of something is realised only if it is not available. So you know what Home is. But one has to go on own for career or studies. It is best to keep bonding in mind and make those close to you proud of you. We all have child within us all the time. That was the best stage of life and we at times still behave like one no matter how old we may have grown. A child gives so much of pleasure due to his or her innocent ways. May God bless her with all the happiness in life.

Take care