Thursday, May 19, 2011

I thought, we were equal- 2

We all are human beings. We have the equal right to commit mistakes. But why is it that when women commit mistakes, they aren't forgiven. And men are. 
Women always have to pay a hefty price for their mistakes. Why? 

Think about it. And answer if you can. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Most adorable, My grandma.

She is the super-woman,
Minus the supernatural powers.

Her skin that has loosened over the time,
wrinkles, and depressions,
that reminds me of Moon,
her beauty marks hideous.
And her long silver hair,
reflecting her aging experience.
She flaunts her age in pride.

With her affectionate touch,
She cures and endures.
She can repair the deepest wounds,
with her traditional curing things,
She doesn't miss a chance to care,
All she thinks is about our welfare.

She cooks the most tempting food,
Not a bite goes unchewed.
Her exceptional culinary skills,
exquisite and marvelous.
She wants to teach me everything.

Repeatedly she says,
she has seen her life,
paid the price of being born.
And fill me with her
Words of Wisdom.
She wants me to learn everything,
She wants to lessen my suffering.

She cares, she smiles, she cooks, she prays,
For us.
For her family.

She's growing old now.

She is my Grandma,
Most lovable among everyone.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I thought, we were equal.

The maid that comes to my house for sweeping and dusting work gave a major blow to my senses.

She was mishandling the handle and lock of every door of my home. It could almost break. I asked her to do it slowly otherwise it would break. She repudiated me. And informed me, that she was cleaning my room, and instead of praising her, I am scolding her. I, politely, replied.. Handles will break, and will be in pieces, if she continued to mishandle it. And then, she said what was it that mattered me, and informed me that it was not my home, but was my brothers'.  Plus, Only males are heads of the family. I silenced.

Oh God! It was a blow. I thought about it again and again.

I wondered, Is this education, that has broadened our ways of thinking? Only if she would have understood that its an equal world that is evolving, Differences would automatically fall in place. Women are themselves demeaning themselves. What will men do? 

Signing off, Leaving all you readers with-  One should never give up her/his self respect for anything. Coz if we don't respect ourselves, no one will. 

Also, i would like you to ponder upon the way I have reacted. You are all "educated" people. Put in your views.