Thursday, May 19, 2011

I thought, we were equal- 2

We all are human beings. We have the equal right to commit mistakes. But why is it that when women commit mistakes, they aren't forgiven. And men are. 
Women always have to pay a hefty price for their mistakes. Why? 

Think about it. And answer if you can. 


anchal said...

i agree. especially when the price of a mistake is in the shape of another human being... if they can be called so.

kiran said...

Women were always portrayed as weaker sex, ever since we started studying social studies when we were kids. It is actually their soft nature, kind and being generous, which people take advantage of...

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. Your love and respect for grandmother expressed so beautifully. On this one, it is the sad truth. And very unfortunate one too. Even in so called advanced countries if a man strays in marriage it will be taken lightly and he would expect wife to live with it but if wife does the same, the same society will crucify her and husband will go for divorce without second thoughts. Equality will come only with mutual respect and trust.

Take care

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