Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I thought, we were equal.

The maid that comes to my house for sweeping and dusting work gave a major blow to my senses.

She was mishandling the handle and lock of every door of my home. It could almost break. I asked her to do it slowly otherwise it would break. She repudiated me. And informed me, that she was cleaning my room, and instead of praising her, I am scolding her. I, politely, replied.. Handles will break, and will be in pieces, if she continued to mishandle it. And then, she said what was it that mattered me, and informed me that it was not my home, but was my brothers'.  Plus, Only males are heads of the family. I silenced.

Oh God! It was a blow. I thought about it again and again.

I wondered, Is this education, that has broadened our ways of thinking? Only if she would have understood that its an equal world that is evolving, Differences would automatically fall in place. Women are themselves demeaning themselves. What will men do? 

Signing off, Leaving all you readers with-  One should never give up her/his self respect for anything. Coz if we don't respect ourselves, no one will. 

Also, i would like you to ponder upon the way I have reacted. You are all "educated" people. Put in your views. 


Sunakshi said...

I would have reacted in the same manner.

And yes,there's nothing bigger than the self respect.once it is lost,you're forever gone!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Only if your maid too was a bit more educated. She has a tongue but no reins to hold it.
Perhaps your brother should know this, both the mishandling and the uncalled for rebuke.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Jack said...


Finally got over lethargy and read all pending posts. Any relationship needs these cardinal principles to be healthy - mutual respect, mutual trust, giving space and two way open & logical communication. If one is lacking in any of these, the relationship will falter. Time does not wait for anyone. It does go at superfast speed when we are in happy situation and crawls when we are in bad times. Do what you feel is best as per your conscience in present after drawing lessons from past mistakes and future will take care of itself. Have confidence and never doubt your abilities. You will achieve what you wish to. Why depend upon illusions to be happy? Keep positive thoughts and see everything in that way. Happiness flows once you see half full glass instead of half empty. Everything has to come to an end, be it childhood, school or college. You should have faith and face what comes your way with courage. I delete SMSs or e-mails from unknown senders without even opening. That way you get over pain these cause. Education does open one's mind and broaden outlook. This also depends upon upbringing. Self respect is a must for everyone. Hope likes of her are diminishing now.

Take care

Scribbling Gal said...

:| Gosh such things makes me rebuke maids more badly me its high time women start respecting themselves because if they didn't they will never rise...

I remember there was this arrogant maid we once had who used to always say to mom - u stay at home what do u do u can do part of my work.....I mean what was she doing cleaning only if she doesn't respect that work i can see where she has come too...I cdnt take it and rebuked- my mom works at home and sshe choosed it and if she has to do house work we wdnt have kept a later she understood...times later i understood she never spoke before me as i was a working these maids knows a lot....its just their idea of liberty and respect is different ...self respect is most imprtant though :)