Friday, October 30, 2009


A word to say, a word to hear..
even in ur absence i feel you near,
i want you to see, i want u to feel
you are that important to me
as India's nuclear deal..

Day passes in pain..
with you,seems like a gain,
i plee you immensely..
leave me never lonely..

I am pining for love of you,
i yearn to be with thou,
Days pass cheerless,
nights, i roll wretched..

Come to me, my love
for your absence is distressing..
i feel you in my fingers,
i feel you in my toes...

and the gloom continues................

Monday, October 26, 2009

Face "not matching" psyche

She smiles,
she is happy,
she is jocular,
she is lovable,
she is surrounded,


something is wrong,
something is unsaid,
Her inner turmoil is known only to her,
she refuses to share,
she can't speak her heart,
she cant drop her pearly tears,
perhaps,she is
a destitute
a desolate
the withdrawn
the secluded...


Friday, October 23, 2009


I am always hungry to eat.. I sometimes dont understand why do i eat so much.. Obviously I am aware of the repercussions of my increasing weight day by day.. But i just cannot resist the food..  I am a big time foodie, and when it comes to my favourites... I go gagas..

My day is incomplete if i dont eat any of my favourites all day long.. I feel so vacuous when i dont chew something, i wonder, whether i m living to eat.. When i smell the aroma of the food.. all kinds of fluids secrete in my mouth.. Now, lemme mention some of my favourites which i can never resist-watsoever may be.. PAANI POORI, MAGGIE, PANEER KI SABJI WITH NAAN, PIZZAS, MC D 'S BURGER, CHHOLE BHATURe, ICECREAMS, CHOCS,ALL KINDA SWEETS..n there are more.. (SHY)

I feel as if my life is at stake when anybody asks me to go for dieting... i feel like... completely frustrated.. I love street food, from the time i am in college.. Sometimes, when i dream of getting a slim figure.. one of a girly types.. i GET motivated.. but the next day, i cant resist... I am a tallow, and a bit oversized creature, i know... BUT , i cant give up food.. i was flabbergasted when one of my friend, said.. she was on dieting, even when she had a perfect figure.. 

Damm all those who diet.. i really cant, i have been trying from so long, but couldnt be succesful for more than two days.. and ya, exercising is what i am very lazy about, I often wonder how ll i look ..when i ll be fatter... but, I CANT GIVE UP MY FAVOURITES.. 

Everybody at my home, gives me various kinds of avarices to reduce down my weight ..yet I DONT CARE...

P.S- after reading this blog, if you think what kind of girl i am, dont bother... i love food, and my problem.. can be understood my only those.. who are facing the same problem...

I LOVE FOOD  (winks******)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mom's love

Something that is still pure.. is only mom's love.. I am her only daughter, I can now, make out that.. if the woman of the house is not selfless.. the family can never live in tranquility, if she always keep up her ego, i bet nobody in the family, would even care about her wellbeing...

I am writing all this today, because my mom made me incharge of the kitchen for two days.. and the days are unending.. they are the longest days ever.. I am hating all the household chores i have to do, but cannot back out, thinking of how she manages to do everything so perfectly...i can now understand how difficult is to manage a kitchen, but she MANAGES our houses, and make it so perfect for us to live that we are able to call it "home sweet home"and makes it the best place for us to live in.. Can anybody deny on this?We miss our homes, once we go away.. dont we..??I literally cried amuck when i last left my home, alone for a month.. 

She wakes up at 6'o clock in the morning, and does all the work untiringly , unselfishly..Always eats after we all have eaten, Why??? Just for one common reason, that she can do anything for her kids.. she sacrifices her aims, her ambitions, and find her only happiness in seeing us smile..  and we dont even compliment her for the food she cooks, dont even notice the new saree she puts on.. Believe me, i really got frustrated when my dad forgot to compliment me for the tasteless food i cooked, that was so unappetising that even i could nt eat.. but even then i needed the appreciation. I get annoyed when i put on a new dress, and nobody notices it.. i feel like not wearing it ever again...!!

Till date, whenever i cry.. i wipe off and carry a smile to her.. she, on the first go- asks me, why did i cry? i fail to understand how she manages to read my mind and my ostensible smile!! 

I often wonder, just after few more years.. how ll I be able to be so selfless.. how ll I shed all of my ego and manage to keep the same selfless smile that my mom displays.. Undoubtedly,God has made mothers his substitute.. Atleast I dont have any person in my life as her, but still why do we forget to tell her.. 

I am complete in tears by now.. Just wanna say, ACKNOWLEDGE HER,she ll love you even more then she did yesterday..!! :"( 

I LOVE U Mumma.. 

Saturday, October 10, 2009


For someone, who is so dear..
for someone, who is altruistic to me..
for someone, who is matchless..
for someone, who is juzz mine...
i can't explain my love in the words..
yet... i m trying..
for the first time,when our eyes met..
there was a shiver in my retina,
for something was so just in your eyes
 Refined ettiquetes, Courteous speech
Heartthrobbing personality
Accutely amicable, Unselfishly soul,
words fall short to describe you
By then, i had fallen in love with you,
my heart 's brimming love for thou,
i love you against all odds
i love you with all my heart..
if ever, i had broken your heart..
kindly forgive me...
if ever i had been rude to you..
i apologize..
just be by my side,
let your heart take toll over 
your worthy mind..
P.S.- dear someone.. hope you read this, and understand how much i love you.. :-(

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dearest Dad,

I am just thinking about the best words to describe you,
sanguine, nonchalant, serene, assiduous, are you..
Remembering all the things you have done for me;
you've been there always,
when i was riffling through my childhood pictures,
tears block my eye, when i see your embrace.
I can't count the number of times , 
you have been out of your way, just to be by my side,
You saw everything that came your way
good or bad..
whenever I am morbid, you become my smile
whenever i am feeling low, you become my mentor
whenever i have any problem, you become my solution
I noticed, even when your days are'nt ravishing
you always manage to make me smile,
I never have to worry about being misjudged,
for you are there, dear pa..
You might not be the 
hero to the world,
but you the hero 
to your princess daughter....

Monday, October 5, 2009


While most of the people in India now prefer to live in nuclear familes, I would yet love to live in a joint family once again....Yup, Once upon a time, i lived in a joint family where chords of love kept all the people deeply entangled. I learnt , how to love selflessly only from these special traditions..the different ways to adjust... the times when any of the member was going through any kind of pain....  the ways of sharing and caring..

I was a teenager by the time, we all broke up into nuclear families... i never gave a thought to how it feels in a nuclear family... but now I surely know the importance of the one... I always feel the utmost grief for the familes who divide.... reason,whatsover may be.... but living together was the most beautiful part of my life, Perhaps may be it was because, i spent my childhood in a joint culture...

Firstly, the idea of a big house excites me now.. I miss my home, it was huge... it was like a haveli... beautiful lush garden...peacocks dancing, a big garage.. a big ground for all of the kids to play... sand all over..and so many terraces(wow), smell of the sand during rainy season... my whole childhood -i never felt solitude, i had so many people to love me, to take care of me.. dont take me wrong, i still have people who love me,, but that was different... a complete different phase in my life...

Secondly, during all the festivals.. every member was so enthusiastic to participate in, to make every festival, every function a huge success.. Especially, i remember... all those festivals when the married females keep the fasts, and break only after seeing the moon... at nite, when we used to go to terraces ,,,what a soothing sky it seemed... i wonder, why are things not the same anymore... why sky seems only grey to me now... I often look up in the sky, and dont find anything so beautiful then those sights which i saw in my childhood...

I am the eldest daughter in the family, and the most loved- reason being usual, first child being extemely pampered among all... among all means-so many members in the same family... Everyday seemed to be a festival... anniversaries , birthdays followed year after year.. and now I am here... just missing my joint family...

MiSS you Amulya Adi Chachu Chachi..  :-(((

P.S.-Those who are looking ahead to divide their families,, give a second thought to it....

Friday, October 2, 2009

StRiNgS oF LoVe...

love is a feeling
of selflessness.........
love is a gesture
to make someone feel special,
love is divine
love is gorgeous...
Are you in love?? Well, if you might be knowing that...Can u say, you love him/her without the smile... or let me put it simply, That can u confess your love when vexed.. I dont think so, try this with your "someone special"...  This very small activity, proves that love brings in loads of joy with it... although, it brings in pain too... but that very feeling of completeness... it is LOVE...
My definition of love is not very lengthy... indeed, it is simply about complete devotion and faithful to the person you are in love with.. Love is like an entrapment- once fallen into it, becomes nearly impossible to come "out of love"....
Life to all seems beautiful in love.. Different passions for everything else in the world, vanishes, and it is only the "feeling of love" that overtakes it... Nothing seems wrong, nothing seems right... one could go to any limit.... for that special smile of  their "BELOVED"....
Just by knowing the fact that somebody really cares for you.. and will be there for you each time you need them, fills the heart with the feeling of "completeness".... 
Strings of love- by my title would like to emphasise that it brings in joys + pains together... in every relation, there are ups and downs , so in this one,too..... it is rightly said... 'each love story has a happy ending-if it is not a happy ending, story is yet incomplete...' ,,so watch out your stories and decide... whether it is happy or sombre....!!!
Feel those bouncing butterflies in your stomach each time while saying you love them... 
Moreover, stay happy... stay contended..!!!!