Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dearest Dad,

I am just thinking about the best words to describe you,
sanguine, nonchalant, serene, assiduous, are you..
Remembering all the things you have done for me;
you've been there always,
when i was riffling through my childhood pictures,
tears block my eye, when i see your embrace.
I can't count the number of times , 
you have been out of your way, just to be by my side,
You saw everything that came your way
good or bad..
whenever I am morbid, you become my smile
whenever i am feeling low, you become my mentor
whenever i have any problem, you become my solution
I noticed, even when your days are'nt ravishing
you always manage to make me smile,
I never have to worry about being misjudged,
for you are there, dear pa..
You might not be the 
hero to the world,
but you the hero 
to your princess daughter....


Princess Caspian said...

khud ko hi princess bana diya???

nice one....;)

ritika said...

princess banaya nhi...hun...!!!
he treats me like a princess..!!!!!

ok sweety..!! :-))

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Rush said...

that was totally awesome babe...loved the dedication to dad...they are the best male species on this planet, no..not even ur lover can replace that!!

deewakar_life2008 said...

Xcpt last lyn evry wrd was jst lyk....Hnnnn a pin prikkkkkkkk....On a +ive note.....Gud:)

Escapist said...

So are the parents.....unconditional love ...those can only be parents...


Sneha said...

gr8 yaar...u write so wel..nd dis one is so touching...!!!

*$p@Rsh!t@* said...

love u dad!!!!!!!