Thursday, June 24, 2010

Me, with flaws

When I wake up in the morning,
I know my weak points,
And I accept being what I am.

What if, I am not beautiful..
Impressions of beauty disappears,
What people remember, is the soul
And how we make them feel !
Should I be less loved , coz I am less attractive ?

What if, I love to eat,
God has blessed us with the ability to eat,
Knowingly, I have become a Fatso,
But then, I love eating,
Should I be less loved, Coz I am an overweight ?

What if, I am lazy,
Who aren't?
I love to introspect and think about myself,
That has made me a kinda sluggish,
But, Does that mean I should be a figure whom people should always mock at?
And, should I be less loved, coz I am lethargic at times ?

I might have hurt a soul or a two,
But, Am I to please everyone I come across?
Is anyone, good to all.. always?
Again, what is my fault?
And why, I repeat.. Should this be the reason I feel like a loner?

I accept all my foibles,
And so should everyone else.
Nobody is perfect,
and every Tom, Dick and Harry has his day!

AN EFFORT- to make people realize, that there is a limit to take insults. Someday, if I lose my good, no one will be spared.. ! Also, an initiative to spread LOVE.. !
Love your surroundings,
Love the people around you,
And treat people good, they'll treat you good.