Thursday, June 24, 2010

Me, with flaws

When I wake up in the morning,
I know my weak points,
And I accept being what I am.

What if, I am not beautiful..
Impressions of beauty disappears,
What people remember, is the soul
And how we make them feel !
Should I be less loved , coz I am less attractive ?

What if, I love to eat,
God has blessed us with the ability to eat,
Knowingly, I have become a Fatso,
But then, I love eating,
Should I be less loved, Coz I am an overweight ?

What if, I am lazy,
Who aren't?
I love to introspect and think about myself,
That has made me a kinda sluggish,
But, Does that mean I should be a figure whom people should always mock at?
And, should I be less loved, coz I am lethargic at times ?

I might have hurt a soul or a two,
But, Am I to please everyone I come across?
Is anyone, good to all.. always?
Again, what is my fault?
And why, I repeat.. Should this be the reason I feel like a loner?

I accept all my foibles,
And so should everyone else.
Nobody is perfect,
and every Tom, Dick and Harry has his day!

AN EFFORT- to make people realize, that there is a limit to take insults. Someday, if I lose my good, no one will be spared.. ! Also, an initiative to spread LOVE.. !
Love your surroundings,
Love the people around you,
And treat people good, they'll treat you good.


Raj said...

i dunno if its been a long time since i read you or a long time since you posted but anyways, it was a pleasure reading you again.

and btw its better to have faults, that way if you do find love, its not the plain love of beauty that shallowness swirls around nowadays.

Jack said...


Very well written. One should be aware of own flaws and make all efforts to overcome as many as one can. And it is fine to let those have it who try to mock you due to their false sense of superiority. No need to be a doormat. Yes, we must spread love.

Take care

Anonymous Someone said...

I wish to laugh, can I?
The poem highlights the common things we do, in a kind of Conversation.
A person who wants her people to accept her as she is, not trying to be anyone else is a feat in itself, and people like them often find best love, and of course true love and affection.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Anonymous Someone said...

somethings wrong with your facebook badge? it says page not found.

ritika said...

@anonymous- I don't wanna keep facebook badge over here. so deleted it totally.

♥ ♥ Strawberry ♥ ♥ said...

Very well written.

Rocker 89 said...

Nice Write girl...LOVED IT !

Sunakshi said...

Inspiring one!

Way to go dude! ;)