Monday, November 9, 2009

Suicide note

Mom and Dad...

I' m writing my last feelings on this note. This is my last communication with this world. I am sick and tired of this everyday routine. I wake up in the morning and i have to wash my hair with the same 'Sunsilk pink Shampoo' everyday. I' m tired of using that shampoo. I asked you so many times to get me L'oreal Elvive...but u never did.. U never did...  :(

Because of that shampoo, I've got one grey hair on my skull.. and you know how much i love my hair, my friends tease me of getting older.. and it is so shameful for me to hear that..I cant take this anymore.Thats why, I've crapped myself to death..

You' find me under the bed..

Lets see who u r gonna force to eat vegetables now..!!

Agape and very sincerely..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ChiLLy WiNtErS..!!

After the blazing pangs of the sun,
Cool breezes soothes my soul,
I welcome winters,
with my open arms...

 Monotonous DAYS getting shorter, and
Relaxing NIGHTS getting longer ,
 Who doesnt love to sleep more?
so do I.. 

Early morning blues ,
muddled fog,
delayed flights and trains,
hail, winters.. !

Sweat glands stops functioning, 
 one feels the winters,
Who doesnt like to eat hot food?
blessed are the winters..!

Lotions and potions,
girls puff on their faces..
Dried skin.
yet ,WINTERs are beautiful..!! !

peas, carrots, 
radish, spinach 
 oranges , jaggery...
i welcome winters..!!

Colors it brings along ..
 Christmas, New Years..
Marriages, wow.. winters..!!

I welcome winters with my open arms..!!!