Monday, November 9, 2009

Suicide note

Mom and Dad...

I' m writing my last feelings on this note. This is my last communication with this world. I am sick and tired of this everyday routine. I wake up in the morning and i have to wash my hair with the same 'Sunsilk pink Shampoo' everyday. I' m tired of using that shampoo. I asked you so many times to get me L'oreal Elvive...but u never did.. U never did...  :(

Because of that shampoo, I've got one grey hair on my skull.. and you know how much i love my hair, my friends tease me of getting older.. and it is so shameful for me to hear that..I cant take this anymore.Thats why, I've crapped myself to death..

You' find me under the bed..

Lets see who u r gonna force to eat vegetables now..!!

Agape and very sincerely..


Escapist said...

Perfectly time to suicide coz of shampoo....loll



what the hell is this....

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

lol. thats a stop me i don wanna commit suicide note.

Princess Caspian said...

you could have found something better than a shampoo...!!!!!!!

how about that PROMINENT pimple on your nose??
That'll be a good one!!!

ritika said...

@mri- v funny. i love my cute pimple on my nose..

@bioinformaticians- u shud understand the humour factor in it... i know this is sumthing serious, but dont u think.. every serious thing is mocked at everytime... ??and we are used to such a living..
dont mind ..if i went a little rude.. apologies..

Mayank said...

lol...shampoo being a reason for suicide...IMAO...
i guess parents now need to be more generous towards the needs of their children,,,as they tend to be very sensitive nowadays..

Princess Caspian said...

NO one in their right ming would LOVE their Stinky pimple!!
Liar liar pants on fire!

Jack said...


Read all pending posts. I enjoyed reading about food. Good poems. Winters are surely welcome. Have you got change of shampoo noe? LOL. What about vegetables, are you still off those?

Take care

CRD said...

Darn..i shudve been dead 5 years ago!!!

I think "god" saved me...he made me bald :P


do visit mine :)

CRD said...

and oh, btw, wanna invite you to my blogger's community on Orkut.

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