Thursday, December 3, 2009

Felt elegaic

It was Eid-ul-fitr, Saturday.. and a holiday! I woke up around 8am ; I believed it to be a day normal as other days were.. but it wasn't the same. There was a hustle bustle in and around my home, some expected guests arrived. 

At around 10am, i recieved a message- "****** is no more" , she was my classmate cum friend and to recieve such a message.. i was stupified,  It seemed ,I had lost my senses for another few minutes.. I wasn't crying initially.. but it bewildered me.. I couldn't believe my eyes.. I deleted the message the very next moment, Words were rolled up in my mouth itself, It was the most shocking message of my life till now. So many questions kept popping up in my mind.. and all the times i had spent with her, kept flashing in and out. I couldn't believe.. I cried.. I cried aloud !

I know deaths are inevitable, and uncertain too.. We all know that , we all will die one day.. but, yet we feel a difficulty to accept it.. there are some people without whom our existence seems impossible.. Thousands of people die everyday.. We read about them and we forget.. Life encircles around death every moment.. and we cannot do anything about it. 

Nobody knows, when one is gonna bowled out. Grief follows. Every person is special for someone or the other.. Yet, life goes on.. people learn to live without them.. 

I, personally, felt a thunderstruck, when i realised that, we are never gonna see her again.. ever..ever.. ever.. nothing seemed to please me.. 

"mourns, mourns, mourns"


Jack said...


I am so sorry to hear this sad news. But life is like that. We do not know what is next. I have felt such feelings a few times when I lost some good friends. We have to accept what God wills. I pray for eternal peace for the departed soul.

Take care

Raj said...

ritika. i am sorry.