Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A voice against Caste System

There is a guy I know, he is an electrician. Whenever something goes wrong at our place with electrical appliances or switches or anything like that, He comes to our place at once, and do the work very sincerely.

The only problem with this guy is, he is of a lower class (but how does that matter), and everyone out castes him everywhere. He is not being treated fairly and sometimes like an untouchable( I, being an eye-witness), I know that , and that too by the people I know, Nobody notices this. I do! My course (English H) carves a way for me to observe this sheer/bloody caste system that still prevails in our society. I am outraged every time I see something like this.

So often, we say.. We live in "the" 21st century,Our country has acquired all the success and power, and also brought in every kind of western culture *in pride*. Yet, this caste-system that prevails, abhors me, despite of all kinds of advancements our nation has made. 

I am strictly against this, and wish to change the way people think and categorize people as of upper- caste and lower- caste!

Dear readers, If something like this is what you feel for, Please understand .. We are all, gifts of god. and within each of us lies a god, By outcasting a person ,we are outcasting the god in him/her. Please stop this around you. Make our country, a better place to live in for all the people! Do you remember, in our national pledge, we acknowledge everyone as "Brothers and Sisters", Are they only to fill in the vote banks?  We are at least suppose to treat our brothers and sisters equally!


Jack said...


I agree with you fully. We need to overcome this as soon as possible. But unfortunately our leaders will not let us as that will erode their vote banks. And the surprising part is many of such leaders themselves belong to similar castes and are rich & upwardly mobile. That is why we still have reservations but who benefits? By now results of this should have made such requirement null & void.

Take care

PS : If you wish I could put you in touch with some NGOs ( genuine ones ). You may write to me at my mail id.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Agreed, but then we cannot change people who have decided not to change.
They say, when in Rome, be a Roman.

Don't practice it yourself and maybe someone else would be inspired.
There are some lines that I'd not cross either, but then some others are worth it.


Raj said...

about an n million years ago, i am sure everyone was naked. who was low class then? someone tell this so called absurd 'high class' representatives that. or maybe justa slap in the face would suffice.

♥ ♥bebo ♥ ♥ said...

Nice space out here..I would like to come here again :-)
I love 10 things bout u which no 1 knows...
sweet !
Even I love handmade cards.

ritika said...

@Raj- You throw "naked" truths over face. I would prefer a slap across their faces!

@Blasphemous - I really wanna bring in some change, i don't practice it myself.

@Jack Uncle- I am a member of a renowned NGO, Something about it will soon be there on my blog. stay updated!

@Bebo- I would love to see you here!

Take care!

Reenie said...

This is a very inspiring post.

I am not from India, but I too have heard tales from numerous Indian classmates who went to high school with me.

It is sad... but I'm glad there are people like you who notice.

All the best.