Thursday, August 19, 2010

Monsoon showers

Rain drops. Rain drops,
misty clouds,
silent roads,
flowers blooming,

striking fragnance in the air,

colorful clothes,
scintillating noise,
Hot coffee,
greenery everywhere, 

some under umbrella,
some in raincoats,
some running across,
and the rest.. walking silently,

Rain drops, rain drops!
Ah, what a weather. 


Raj said...

a lil rain, a lil chai, a lil white black brown puppy, a kid, wearing a white shirt and paws and a lot of masti :D

gosh rain is ...... aristocratic.

ah what a weather. :P

more more. write more!

Anonymous Someone said...

I love the rain... rain faling pitter patter on the tin roof, myself inside my quilt, sleeping to its rhythm... aah I wish to bunk classes.

Jack said...


Good rains do make you wish you could go back to childhood and play outside inspite of mother yelling for you to get back. Ah, such fun. Nicely expressed about rain.

Take care

Goldy said...

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Sneha said...

wowie...i luv rain..nd i luv dis piece of writing....:))

Sneha said...