Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why I want to go back to home food?

Food is something that brings a lot of people together. Different people whose mindsets don't match can catch up for lunch and still enjoy it, because the food brings them both on the comfortable platform, where both of them can eat together. 

When I was a child, I have always shared my lunch with numerous people. No matter what I got in lunch, like khakhra, or some sweet, or paratha, or just a fruit. But I realise by sharing food, people come together on the friendly level. 

Okay, that was just an introduction to my new article. 

You must have heard people around you saying, "I miss home food"and I want to go back to home food, and stuff like that. Ever wondered why people miss home food, when they go out? 

My reasoning could be-

1. One has been eating home food right from the birth . Its obvious that the taste buds are apt according to it. It is very understandable that how home food becomes something to crave for when you step out of the house. 

2. The faith in the person who cooks the food at home, has evolved over a period of time. And one eats that food without being sceptic of what could be amalgamated with it, which is very unlikely to happen with the food that you eat outside. 

There are emotional and sentimental reasons obviously, but this time, If you can think of any more rational justifications, jot them down here... in the comments box. :D 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Negating emotional self.

I thought of myself as an emotional creature. 
Because people around called me emotional. 
ONLY, emotional. 
But more I think about it, 
I am surprised by the fact, that I am not.
I don't know why people always 
saw me as someone who 
is just made up of heap of emotions.

I am emotional at a very basic level. 
I don't feel all the emotions.
I am a human being,
discovering myself at every level.

I am more than emotions. 
I don't even feel a million things.
I don't even understand emotions.
May be my emotions were nothing,
but a social construct.