Monday, April 2, 2012

Negating emotional self.

I thought of myself as an emotional creature. 
Because people around called me emotional. 
ONLY, emotional. 
But more I think about it, 
I am surprised by the fact, that I am not.
I don't know why people always 
saw me as someone who 
is just made up of heap of emotions.

I am emotional at a very basic level. 
I don't feel all the emotions.
I am a human being,
discovering myself at every level.

I am more than emotions. 
I don't even feel a million things.
I don't even understand emotions.
May be my emotions were nothing,
but a social construct. 


Jack said...


Am I glad to see you back? Yes, I am not only glad but relieved too. We all have emotions which make us understand our strengths and weaknesses. We also have capacity to control our emotions whenever need arises. Each one has different standards of balance.

Take care

Sunakshi said...

You know yourself,Their opinion just don't matter.They only notice what they want o notice.