Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ChiLLy WiNtErS..!!

After the blazing pangs of the sun,
Cool breezes soothes my soul,
I welcome winters,
with my open arms...

 Monotonous DAYS getting shorter, and
Relaxing NIGHTS getting longer ,
 Who doesnt love to sleep more?
so do I.. 

Early morning blues ,
muddled fog,
delayed flights and trains,
hail, winters.. !

Sweat glands stops functioning, 
 one feels the winters,
Who doesnt like to eat hot food?
blessed are the winters..!

Lotions and potions,
girls puff on their faces..
Dried skin.
yet ,WINTERs are beautiful..!! !

peas, carrots, 
radish, spinach 
 oranges , jaggery...
i welcome winters..!!

Colors it brings along ..
 Christmas, New Years..
Marriages, wow.. winters..!!

I welcome winters with my open arms..!!! 


ScarletTd1ar1es said...

Monotonous DAYS getting shorter, and
Relaxing NIGHTS getting longer ,
Who doesnt love to sleep more?

zzzZZZ.... love that line and the whole poem as well. :)

Mayank said...

hmm...agree wid u scarlet...
You in my opinion is a very versatile writter...n can write upon any topic whatsoeva...thats gr8..
loved this one too :):):)

I too welcome winters wid open arms...

Princess Caspian said...

ummm...i don't really like winters...m a monsoon person...
but the poem is certainly tells us how much you like winters...and its effects...:))

Tabernacle of Serenity said...

that was absolutely beautiful!! really gud work :)

Anonymous said...

in d clock,it is nine,
i wanna take some wine,
i m crazy n nw blind,
many parties,wow winter...!!

I welcome winter with my open arms..!!

I too yaar....its really nice..

oh i m nt talking abt winter...its abt poem..