Monday, October 26, 2009

Face "not matching" psyche

She smiles,
she is happy,
she is jocular,
she is lovable,
she is surrounded,


something is wrong,
something is unsaid,
Her inner turmoil is known only to her,
she refuses to share,
she can't speak her heart,
she cant drop her pearly tears,
perhaps,she is
a destitute
a desolate
the withdrawn
the secluded...




Nice one. Keep it up. :-)

Pagal Patrakar said...

cute and compassionate. keep observing, feeling, and penning :)

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

perhaps, she is just too scared.

ALOK said...

hey dis is d mst common story in todays date...
nd u hav xpressed it in awesum way..

Mayank said...

WHO IS "SHE" in the poem, as she is definetely not u.....u appear to be a giggler as far as i knw :):)

neways speaking truly i dint like this much...i wud rather expect sumthn amative from you...thats ur genre lady..