Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Forward Message Senders,

Everyday, I get a lot of forward messages, informing me 'this is life', 'that's life', etc. I hope, you would be able to connect it with what I am trying to say. Some say- "follow these seven principles to lead a happy life", and what not.

When at midnight, you are half asleep, and the message like this arrives, How do you feel? I don't think, It has changed your life, or something like that. You probably curse the sender,  who has sent you the text. Of course, I feel exasperated.

We all are living life, and sailing on the same boat probably. Some are in their high tides, and some could be in low tides. I would like to pose this question to my not-so-dear forward-message-senders, that do they exactly follow these principles, and lead "the required happy life". Has anyone of them who forwards these, understood the essence of life, and is willing to stay contended with whatever is happening around them. I am sceptic about it. We all have the right to live the way we feel, we should. We all commit mistakes, and learn from it. Do I offend you, senders?

I am aware of the fact that technology users have exploded their usage, but please.. at least, respect the privacy of the recipient. Free messages are all in the air, Even I use the scheme. But that never gave anyone the right to invade in the privacy.

Not only these, but the network messages have become a major problem to our lives. They aren't aware of the situations we are in, and they repeatedly, keep sending messages to buy this real estate, to buy that membership... and god knows what! Hell. In the scarce situation, when your closed one is on death bed, would you like to see such kind of a message? Or situation can be anything like you are studying, writing an article, or even cooking. How does it matter?

Our lives are full of problems as it is. And these messages just add on to the stress. These messages do no good to anyone. If my dear senders, you are so fond of sending forwards, send santa-banta jokes, so that if not anything else, it makes the other person smile and helps to release her/him from stress. That is still acceptable.

Of course, Its my urge to the people to stop sending the messages. I am fed-up of these nonsense messages. And wish to see no more of them. And regarding life, I'd like to commit my own set of mistakes and learn from them. Please, If you are still so adamant to not stop, see the time before you forward these kind of messages.

P.S.- Just while writing this, I got three forwards from three different people. *phew* 

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Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Well actually it is really irritating but when you are spending all days on your own and no one messages you, its a delight to read, 'Hi I am Manisha, 21 years old and I love to chat. Start a chat from mobile. Charges 1 Re per message'.
Or a list of available songs for caller tones, :P

But is irritating when we are trying to sleep.

Blasphemous Aesthete