Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My dear new l'il Mac book pro,

Aww.. Typing on you, darling, *pinching myself*-Yes, you are mine! You are the one, I can carry it everywhere. Like my little notebook, you save everything- all my silly pictures, and not-so-silly documents. When your screen sleeps, You look so adorable like a baby sleeping peacefully in the mother's arms. And the camera you have- You make me look so good with all its effects. And I love to sing with you on Garage Band. I love to play piano, and make my own music. I love to touch your keys. I am falling short of words to express my happiness. Your scratch-less body, and your speakers are totally fantabulous. When I am with you, I never feel sad. 

You are the best thing I've ever got. Without demands and complaints. You are all mine. I just want to type, type and type all day. Your so sleek figure gives me a complex, for sure. And not to forget, I also love paraphernalia you have bring along. You are adored, my mac! :) 

Only yours.


Jack said...


Congratulations. Enjoy. Being not much techno savvy, I will need little more information.

Take care

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

congrats girl!!