Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stupidest cupid. Let her live!

I travel in Metro, and usually close my ears listening to FM, but due to some problem in the way i wore my headphones, it kept felling off again and again. And I heard something so funny, That I couldn't help, but get angry.

I heard a girl talking over phone probably talking to her boyfriend, "baby, I am so sorry, I had gone to take bath, after you cut the call that time, and couldn't pick your call,Jaan, Don't get angry. " 

Oh my god? Do couples these days fight over shit like this? I felt like thrashing her that time. Dude, This is heights of possessiveness. What is the need to tell the nuanced details of your life, like you sneezed, you bathed, you taking breakfast.. blah.. blah.. I have personally known couples who fight over the useless issue of not messaging or replying within every 10 seconds. I wonder, Are they in a relationship to fight or to love? You don't trust a person whom you love for she doesn't take their call or call back, Whatever, ONCE? I know, we have technologically advanced, and we all have free messages, but is this way to torture every moment?

There are guys who dictate their girls to not wear sleeveless and showy dresses, but when they get down in a mall, They are the first ones to look out for the girls who wear this? Males are such hypocrites, They have all the problems with their girlfriend's female friends. What kind of life a girl who gets this kind of guy lives! HELL, A hell given by males! TORTURE! For god's sake, Let her breathe, and give her the required space. Or she ll soon realize that you are making her life hell, and will leave you!

I have pathos with the people like these, and pity on their lives and the kind of lives they are living! God has given all of us just one life? And you are responsible for making it pathetic instead of beautiful.  Grow up!

Love is all what we crave for. To get true love. Ha! And if at all we get "true" love, what do we do? We fight? We make that person cry whom we left the world for? We give pain? Please. Stop falling in love, and polluting the word, if this is what you want to do after getting the one you love. Life is so short to spread hatred. One should realize it before its too late. 

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