Thursday, September 15, 2011

Being a child.

Have you ever thought of being a child again? After we grow up, we tend to lose that innocence, and that charm any young child is born with. In that stage, he's not aware of the worldly concerns, and can do whatever he likes according to his wishes. He is pampered and blessed with whatever he wants. Every parent gives the best to their children, and no one can deny this. 

Thanks to the "Performance studies" class, I got a license to be the child. On the streets. In the open spaces. Without giving a damn about what people would think about me. What I felt and went through during that hour, cannot be explained in mere words. But I still want to give a try.

One thing is for sure, No one can bare us for a longer time if we behave "childish" except- parents. That's the beauty of parents. We always remain kids for them, however old we grow. And when I went about the streets acting "childish", ofcourse I got all the attention. People were gazing at me as if I have passed out. Kids do random things, perhaps I was acting like one. And it was not difficult. We have been kids at one point of time. We have lived that phase. Just have to re-live that phase. It comes naturally, without pretending- if we stop caring about people around us would think about us. 

I was playing with windmill toy in one hand. And ate lollipop with the another. Jumped. From one bench to another. Forced myself to hang on trees. Shouted "aeroplane", after seeing the plane flying up in the sky. Shouted, "mumma yeh chahie, papa woh chahie". Danced. Had fun. Put a flower in my hair. All random things. I have never ever done such things in public ever before. To be whatever you want to be. Isn't it great? What better than just being a child?

How I interacted with public spaces was fascinating. I had to do nothing. No talking. Just BE in the role. Everybody was puzzled and they looked at me as if I had turned insane. And I didn't care. The best part was that, I was not suppose to care. 

Can you try this kind of activity sometime with your own set of friends? And choose whatever character you want to play, without caring of whatever the world will think about you?

Being a child refreshed me. Gave me good vibes. And reminded me of my own golden childhood. What a day!! :)) 


Raajii said...

I like that too but at this point in life we just have to careful to be a child from time to time but not immature :-)

suvaiba fatima ahmed said...

i am still 17 and wanna stay at this age forever..! well not actually a child but yes these says and the days of the past have a charm in them the charm of innocence..! :)
you write great stuff...! :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

It would indeed be a nice activity to do with our friends around. Being a child once again, nice.

Blasphemous Aesthete