Sunday, September 11, 2011

On missing home-made food.

The home-made sweets,

                                              that maa- You sent to me,

I devour a bite, and keep the rest inside,

like a treasure,

Nothing tastes like the food you made,

Nothing at all.


Jack said...


I have not been regular in visiting for sometime and now caught up with pending posts. Nothing is Forever. Changes take place and we need to adapt to it. Friends today may be gone tomorrow so one should keep fond memories and move on. There are few things which one has to keep close to chest no matter how committed one is in relationship. That is one lesson everyone needs to know. So you are in Bengalooru. What are you upto? Cry one must, never hold onto pride falsely. You reminded me of days when I used to get home made things and made efforts to preserve but friends looted the items same day it arrived.

Take care

suvaiba fatima ahmed said...

i agreee this is so so.... touching...!
maa ke haatho ka khana anmol ae..! :))