Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I miss you all.

It's a month, 
since I'm away from home.
I know, I'm not a child anymore,
but there are some things I long for.

I miss when every member of my family came to wake me up and I still kept sleeping.
I miss my lazy days,
I long for home food,
I regret the tantrums I used to throw unncessarily to make a fuss,
I miss the care,
I miss the "unnoticed" love,
I miss my arguments with mom,
I miss the times, when I teased my l'il brother,
I miss spending time with papa,
I miss reading newspaper.
And I miss almost everything about maa,
I even miss the scoldings,
I miss my home without upholstery,
I miss my wardrobe,
and the fridge and that special almirah in the kitchen,
I miss my study,
I miss eating sweets at night.
I miss the smell of my pillow,
And looking outside that huge window,

I miss when maa waited for me to come back home from college.
It angered me then, when she called up to know where I am,
Here, no one asks where I am,
and listen to my daily nonsensical stories.
And it makes me miss my home more.

I miss you all so much,
that I'm scared to tell.
It's not like, things are wrong here,
Everything's fine here.
Still, memory flashes back to the time of togetherness,
may be in the form of dream or just 
just goes away with the blink of an eye.
But, All of you are always there 
in my mind and heart. 

A month is enough to realize, that home is the best place to be. And parents are the best people on the earth. 

It always makes me wonder, I shouldn't have been such a pampered child for no one other than you can do the pampering. 

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♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

Lol Im really pampered too and I can say 'ditto' for all those points, except that I'm still at home. But I know I'll miss all those things.
I spent 1 month eating at the place I was interning at and the food was supposed to be awesome, but I got so bored of it!