Saturday, October 22, 2011

My persistent smile.

I smile,

I smile all the time,

I smile when I'm tired,
I smile when I don't like anything,
I smile when people ignore me,
I smile when I'm sad,
I smile when I look myself in the mirror,
I smile when I fall,
I smile when I am fired,
I smile when people judge me,

But that doesnt mean,
I don't feel different emotions,
though people won't believe.

Because I smile,
and let it go.
Because I ignore,
and let it go.

Two-faced I am,
because I smile, 
and hide other side. 

Very less people know, 
what it takes a person to smile all the time, 
and to hide the pain behind the smile


Simran said...

So true, Ritika
Nice post :)

Keep Smiling my dear..
And yes,that's not so easy to be two faced.. I want you to be smiling always ..and evade away the hidden pain..

suvaiba said...

if only people around me knew how i feel the same life could have been a little more better.
its beautiful
and i know how hard it is to live with that smile hiding the enormous pain beneath it :)
awesomely written