Friday, February 11, 2011

An ode to my college

I knew, I was late,
I rushed in through the gate,
The watchman passed a grin,
asked for my identity to let me in.

My half preoccupied in the contemplation of an excuse,
and the other, in praying my own personal muse.
While I plaited my hair, and creased my shirt,
My eyes fell upon the surrounding free of dirt.

It was unusual that I stopped,
To caress the splendid lush greens,
the bright flowers that were cropped,
under the sky calm and clean.

My heart thralled in joy,
to acknowledge the beauty unseen,
There, I sat down on the bench to enjoy,
without realizing the minutes nineteen.

My sight fell upon the bunch of girls,
vociferating a birthday song,
and clicked the smiles and their curls,
forgetting all about the rights and the wrongs.

My throat choked by the tearing pain,
When I realized the time that can never come again,
to leave this place forever,
that I revered with intense fervor.

The boundless support of teachers,
Astounding memories with friends,
Incredible unity among class-fellows,
And the scenic beauty in the vicinity,
is the most unforgettable part
in the course of my three years!


Rocker 89 said...

wow girl!! I loved every minute of reading it !! feeling nostalgic...

Wonder how time passes by so fast
The moments we cherish will they ever last?

This minute I feel so frozen...
But that's what has been chosen,

Not by us; but by someone
who wants us to slow..

Leave the comfort; let the toughness grow... "

Have a nice day.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

College life is indeed one of the best time of our lives.

Nice one Ritika, are you graduating out?

Blasphemous Aesthete

ritika said...

@Rocker89- Thanks for the beautiful words you poured in!

@Blasphemous- Thanks. Yes, I am graduating this year!

Rocker 89 said...

ure welcome Ritika !!

Sunakshi said... i wish i had a college life too but being a professional course student of CS,there i lack the fun there. :(

I so much loved this one. :)