Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What if?

what if i am unable to discriminate between what and what not.
what if i can’t judge between how to and how not to. 
what if i can’t handle the humor the way its meant to be.
what if i abandon my emotions and use pure logic.
what if i find comfort in another’s pain and not sorry. 
what if i suddenly become a meat-eater and abstain eating veggies.
what if i give up photography and lose myself in chores.
what if i intake all unhealthy and refrain from healthy.
what if all i demand is respect from people and can do without love.
what if i like to call myself open-minded and not closed.

what if life is full of what-if-s noone can get back to me about. 


Raajii said...

Well, the only answer to all the what ifs is to wait and find out. Either way, you'l learn something.

Jack said...


One should never get tangled up in IFs and BUTs and do what own conscience says as that will always give one true happiness.

Take care