Friday, March 25, 2011

An ode to the times lost.

You were so precious to me, more than anything else.
I don't know why did you go?
I told you all the tit-bits of my life, And now.. we behave like any other acquaintance.

Something must be wrong at your end, and something at my end, I'm sure..
You were so close to me,
You were..
my guide,
my friend,
my relative,
my savior,
my solution,
my secret- bearer.

My life depended on you.
I needed you to take a step ahead.
When I came here, to this alien land,
I was relieved to know, that you were here.
But I don't know,
And I can't understand how things changed.
And why things changed?

I trusted you with my heart.
You were dearest to me, if not to anyone else,
Didn't you ever feel, you were important to me?
Didn't you ever miss me?
Why did you chose to leave me?
Wasn't I worth of you?
Did I do you any harm?

And knowing it, that times can never be same,
Because we have departed, once! 

You were like a mirror to me,
I could see my real self into you,
and now, that we have scattered,each broken part can never be stuck together.

I miss you,
and the times we have lost behind.
I accuse myself.
And I still love you,
without letting you know.

P.S- Its an ode to all the special life people in my life, with whom I grew up, but are not together , or aren't that close in my today.


♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

Beautiful :')

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Only if they could come back, but some things are lost forever, they might come back, but not the same charm.
Nice one.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Vishal Raj said...

very lovely n nice.

Jack said...


Time does not ever wait for anyone. It is we who need to make the best of time we have. Now coming to people being with you and then moving away. Life is like flowing river which passes through so many bends, GHATS, terrains till it merges with sea. So we too meet so many persons in life but nothing is permanant. Some remain part of our life and some move away but we have to continue with our path. We must cherish fond memories.

Take care

PS : How was your HOLIaa/