Sunday, July 10, 2011

On my visit to Behari ji's temple, in Vrindavan

It was raining heavily, to my surprise. I like rains, but this time when I had to walk bare feet from the car parking area to the temple on the muddy road with stones, I realized rains were pretty difficult to live with, for the person who uses legs to commute. It was not easy. To take an each step ahead, and put down feet in the filthy mud water, I watched my pedicured feet with a sigh. My feet looked horrible. But my granny was determined to walk bare feet and expected the same from me. (The reason to walk bare feet is simple. They say, that foot wears get stolen in the rush of that kind) I definitely didn't want to lose my Catwalk bellies. 

Somehow, we managed to get inside the temple with the flow of people getting in. The sight was terrific. People, people everywhere. And not an inch to stand. I bet, no one could get inside the crowd after coming out without the pain of being stampeded or suffocated. 

People called themselves fortunate if they chanced a single glance of the idol "behariji". The pandits opened and closed the darshan in every 20 seconds because they say,"behariji ko nazar lag jaati hai". It was fascinating to me. The temple was peculiar in shape and size. One could not say, it was a cuboidal or cubic shaped. It was wide-spread. Marble flooring was even more slippery because it was watery with the rasas of flowers and filthy water that people's feet carried. People shouted "jai" after every two minutes. And the only way one could keep satisfied standing sandwiched was, he would be lucky to see a glance of the idol. Luckily, I am tall. It was not at all difficult for me. But for my mum, who is not so tall and also thin, it was difficult to even breathe inside. She got her hair messed, and she hurt her feet and it caught bleeding. 

I had an argument with a girl, who called my mum stupid because she stamped on her feet. It was weird. In that kind of rush, how can anyone abuse of stamping of feet? My mum's feet bled. The drops fell on the marble but she kept quiet. She was determined to not look back(after I insisted her), for she wanted to see the deity and worship. However, on seeing her blood, I got a little annoyed and pissed. I could shout at her that time, but her conviction to stay-made me say nothing to her. I just wished, we got out of that rush as soon as possible.

Finally, after getting on the stairs, my mum got to see the idol completely and she was so satisfied. All that pain she suffered,seemed to vanish. With a glance of the deity, she could bear the pain with ease. 

However, we got out of the temple finally, filling our feet with the mud again. The glance of the idol was undoubtedly imprinting. A sight to see. And only today, my height proved as a bliss.

I don't know, it was very difficult to see my mum in pain of that kind, may be the least. I wished all pains were mine, and she suffered none. It's so difficult to see our loved ones in pain. 

Also I would recommend, If one gets a chance to go to Vrinadavan, Please don't miss this temple. 

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