Monday, January 28, 2013

... dear moon

While walking under the street lights,
following my own silhoutte,
shooing away cockroaches, listening to lizardous music,
fiddling with my phone,

I sneezed. 

I sneezed and looked up in the sky,
and the celestial body attached with the black cloth,
black, dark and infinite.
And cockroaches, phone forgotten

The thought struck me,
if I could dance with you, 
on the lonesome road,
and like I won't point at your flaws,
you shouldn't too.
Dear moon.

I don't want you to judge me,
and make faces while I dance. While,
the music would be composed by cockroaches,
and humming of flies,
and ringtone of the phone,
and lizards cheering, 
because we are together. 


Raajii said...

this is so beautiful :-)

Jack said...


Yes, we are all in it together with heavenly bodies watching. Well composed.

Take care