Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So what if I die?

So what if I die?

So what if I’ll be forgotten?

So what if my room would be occupied by someone else?

So what if my clothes would be donated for some charity?

So what if I liked to make people smile? 

So what my smell would be gone forever?

So what if my place would be taken by someone else in all the lives I have lived?

So what if my stationary paraphernalia would be thought of as waste?

So what if people would talk about my bad and forget my good?

So what if my mere existence would remain in the photographs? 

So what if my personality would just translate into an image?

So what if I’ll die? 


Mayank said...

So what if I like the way you express? :-)
I did pause after every line. You made me ponder abt my existence after my death. Expressed beautifully. Keep blogging!

Jack said...


Nicely told that once one is gone nothing matters anymore.

Take care