Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Touching Incident

Well, This is my very first I thought about a hell lot of topics that i can write on...but i chose this one because it made me feel good about myself...

I was travelling in a metro,was on the way back to home from my my usual routine, i took a metro from Kashmere Gate metro station... In a short span of getting into the train,there is a lot of hustle bustle on that station particularly...Everybody wished to get into the train first...AND TAKE A SEAT...

Now let me tell you,that getting a seat during the peak hours of the day in the itself a big achievement for me atleast...LUCKILY,i got it one today...I happily seated myself, and was enjoying the songs I listen to,on my headfones...

I noticed an elderly sardarji standing , and normally whenever I see any elderly person standing and I m sitting..I offer my seat to him/her...

So that day also I gave my seat to him while I stood up..He refused me at once but later,he seated well..

It was a normal incident to me till now, and I again got back to my music and was thinking about my day...i stood myself near the metro I love standing near the doors..

It was about 20minutes, and then that old man rose up from the seat as he was to get down at the next station..He stood besides me..and said me,take ur seat again now,beta...THANKyou..!!!

Now,this whole incident was touching because of the word THANKYOU..So many times in the metro, I had offered my seat...but nobody ever uttered these words,and even I thought....that this cause is so small for so "difficult" words like thankyou...but it made a difference today...and it did brought a smile on my face, particularly because there were so many people in the metro...and that uncle said me thank you..for such a small thing..!!!I never expected a it is making me feel the way I am feeling now...

NOTE: I am very emotional.. Bare with me...!!


Princess Caspian said...

First of all things Congratulations!!!!Your firs post!!and an good one too...BUT...I don't say m good at english, still I know my bit and from that I can see a whole lotta grammatical errors!Work on it...:)

*$p@Rsh!t@* said...

a big congo to u for ur first blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well I agree with mrinal for watever she has said in her comment, do take her advise!!!!!!!!!

besides this,keep this place active!!!!!!!!!
remember, this is a place where u have full freedom to speak ur mind but also keep ur reader's interest in mind!!!!!!!!!

try to intoduce variety in ur blog!!!!!!!!!!!

read other blogs and keep this link floating everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

well I cant preach more coz I'm still a beginner,my blog is just a month old!!!!!!!!!!

mrinal can give u more tips!!!!!!!!!!

well done and kep this thing growing!!!!!!!!!

see yaa!!!!!!!!


ÂșNishant♪ - The First Light(Killer Of Darkness) said...

sweet .. first blog!! :)