Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Meenakshi !!!

A few years ago,
when you became my "first" best friend,
Like a support stick, You were
with me in my thick and thins.
You've always been here, close to me.
We grew together,
distance never hindered our relationship,
You are one of your own kind,
I can never forget your voice,

Your flawless glow,
Your patiently hearing sessions,
Your mindfulness,
Your pure heart,
I am proud to be your friend,
and I feel awesome, when you are around!

Meenakshi, On your birthday,
I miss you, 
Its being years.. we havn't met..
and I don't even remember when was the last ,we 
celebrated your birthday together!

May you continue to shine,
May the brilliance of the Lord persist to guide your way,
May all your dreams come true!
You are extremely special to me! 
I love you, for what you are... 

*friends forever*



Raj said...

damn that girl is lucky! a poem as a budday gift. tsk tsk am all jeaous :P

ritika said...

@Raj- my purpose was to make her feel special, and lucky!! :))

Dont feel "j"..!! u ll also get it from someone!

bebo ♥ said...

i wish i had a friend like u special u made her feel...i am sure she'd b very happy