Friday, May 18, 2012

I can't breakfree.

Chained in the opinions,
keys lost
I can't breakfree.

living with thyself,
I can't breakfree.

Tempted to go back,
I can't decide,
A tune in my head,
I can't breakfree.

Dragged by emotions,
unable to face the truth,
crafting the patterns,
I can't breakfree. 

Peace of mind lost,
so used,
I can't breakfree.

All lost,
noone to hold onto,
none to fall-back on,
unable to trust,
I can't breakfree. 


Jack said...


How one who does wish to live as per own choices can not do so due to so many clutches by others as well as circumstances told so well.

Take care

Simran said...

Beautiful .. :)

Ritika said...

@Jack Uncle- You read it in the same way I wrote. Crap! I wanted it difficult for my readers to understand it. How did you understand?